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“Needs no introduction.”
    —Villain Vault

Kaos is a wicked Portal Master and the main antagonist of the Skylanders series, who is responsible for banishing all of the Skylanders from their domain to Earth after destroying the Core of Light. Despite his numerous plans for conquering Skylands, he has always been thwarted by the Skylanders, their allies, and the Portal Masters of Earth.

Character Development

The creation of Kaos, the ultimate villain for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, was a challenging task for the team of Toys For Bob. Initially, I-Wei Huang, the Toy and Character director, sketched various antagonists, but none of them satisfied the criteria of being original, interesting, or appropriate. Paul Reiche, the studio head and creative director of Skylanders, provided a valuable insight for Kaos. He envisioned him as “a powerful, but annoying little guy.” Based on this feedback, I-Wei Huang revised his drawings, but he still felt that the character lacked the emotional depth required for the role.

He then devised an unconventional idea: since the player is a Portal Master, what if the evil Portal Master is also a realistic person? Following this direction, I-Wei Huang produced a few more concepts of Kaos, with a smaller and more realistic appearance. He attempted to portray the Napoleon complex in him, but the results were either pitiful or creepy. He then opted for a more powerful, but younger look, while maintaining the realistic style. In this version, Kaos’s personality began to emerge, and the facial markings and the overall impression were aspects that I-Wei Huang wanted to preserve.

However, the realistic style was no longer necessary, as it created a stark contrast with the rest of the game. Therefore, I-Wei Huang transformed Kaos into a more cartoony character and experimented with different body shapes, while keeping most of Kaos’ features as before. The team selected one of Kaos’ concept designs as “the most likely villain to take over the world” in this group photo. “And that’s how Kaos was born, along with his Alter Ego floating head, which remained a little more realistic.” Afterwards, I-Wei Huang made some more sketches to refine his character. It was only when the animators and Richard Horvitz’s voice added their contributions, “that he truly became the Kaos that we know today.”[3]


Kaos is overconfident, with a big ego as well as an inferiority complex. He is selfish, loud, and with delusions of grandeur. As expected, Kaos glorifies himself immensely, with his castles filled with things that boost his already enormous ego. He speaks in a varied voice, from normally one second, then shouting out with excess emphasis the next. Kaos was ridiculed when he was younger and desperately tries to be taken seriously as a villain. However, underneath his overconfident and reckless exterior, Kaos possesses a cunning mind, catching the Skylanders by suprise when the evil Portal Master had tricked them into triggering a trap that would've buried the heroes alive.

He despises the new Portal Master whom he calls names such as 'Apprentice Portal Master' and 'Poser Master', and claims that only he is the real Portal Master.

Like most villains, Kaos is disgusted at the sight of peaceful and romantic moments. The only person whom he treats with any kindness, is his butler Glumshanks, and later the Arkeyan Conquertron - even when interacting with other antagonists, he either only tolerates their presence, or makes his hatred of them clear. He also has a strong hatred for the tree folk, which in Spyro's Adventure eventually includes evil ones like his Evil Life Minion, the Evil Ent. He doesn't appear to be very observant, as he failed to notice how much torment Glumshanks usually goes through or didn't seem to realize that his butler was reverted back to his normal self after being evilized.

In Trap Team and following media in the series, Kaos has a warped sense of justice, believing other villains to be more wrong than him for having less ambitious or excessively destructive goals. This culminated several times in him working in the side of the Skylanders to make sure said villains fail, even if it cost of an advantage for him - though it never lasts long, as even after making amends with Skylanders such as Spyro for example, he quickly goes back to his violent ways once he finds a new source of power.


Being a Portal Master, Kaos has the ability to summon darker versions of the Skylanders; as well as other races such as Cyclopses, Trolls, the Drow, and Spell Punks as his minions. He also has the ability to summon powerful spells with the assistance of the Eternal Sources. It has been shown that Kaos is a master of Dark Magic and has a sort of gift for invention and cunning. He can project magic bolts of energy and has once had a scepter the causes creatures to grow. He is also capable of casting curses, such as the one he put on the Skylander Academy's simulation room. Most of his powers were granted to him by the Darkness, who is the only one who holds the ability to remove Kaos's dark abilities and grant them back to him at will.

Kaos is also notable for being able to cast a large, projection of his head to talk to the outside world on a Portal from inside his castle. Using this special effect, one of his projections, which had an older hooded face, was seen as most horrifying as Kaos spoke with a deeper alteration of his voice to make himself sound more sinister. After losing most of his powers in Superchargers, however, he can only cast a metaphysical projection of his regular head's appearance, and use it to remotely teleport objects away.

Kaos has been seen doing this continuous and huge amount of times as he is shown to break the fourth wall and shown to be able to communicate through the Portal Masters "television device." In Trap Team especially, he has a device that allows him to chat with the Portal Master's controller and each time he pressed the button, he would be able to speak through the TV again. This could be because that Kaos is a Portal Master himself as his mom has been shown to do the same thing in Swap Force.

In Giants, he gains the Iron Fist of Arkus, which transforms him into a large Arkeyan robot that looks relatively similar to himself. He is also apparently the most powerful of the Arkeyans while in this form. It gives him complete command over the Arkeyan armies, and allows him to use eye lasers. As an advanced Arkeyan robot, he can spawn Arkeyan robots and magic generators.

In Swap Force, he is evilized when a huge pile of Petrified Darkness lands on top of him. He transforms into Super Evil Kaos, which is a gigantic, rock-like version of himself. He can cause huge shockwaves when he stamps his feet on the ground and can also summon Elemental Golems and Chompy Rustbuds. His brain also becomes sentient, allowing it to conjure thoughts and bring them to life inside of him, most notably a small version of Glumshank's Arkeyan Tank, and Sheep with Kaos' head.

In Trap Team, Kaos became empowered by the effects of Traptanium. With it, he was able to see everything, including the player Portal Master on Earth. During his battle against the Skylanders, Kaos transforms into Ultra Traptanium Kaos, a winged crystal-like hybrid that possesses tremendous power and frightening abilities. He can manipulate dark energy to surround him in a sort of ground-based shield and launch shockwaves, unleash elemental bullets, use wrist-mounted Traptanium swords, or even summon multiple blades that hack across the battlefield to create electrical lines. As a playable villain, Kaos can summon elemental symbols that spew respective elemental attacks. He can also bring forth his Doom Sharks and transform himself into his floating head to fire lasers and sound bursts.

In SuperChargers, Kaos is granted temporary powers by the Darkness, allowing him to manipulate spiky cubes that form his arena, clone himself, and conjure giant translucent hands to wield a massive yet fragile runic sword.

In Imaginators, Kaos gains full control over Mind Magic, allowing him to bring his thoughts to life, and uses it to create true Doomlanders. However due to Kaos' low intelligence, he is unable to use Mind Magic to its full potential, his Doomlanders aren't invincible as he envisions them, and many have odd, unplanned personalities. Eventually Kaos and Brain combine their Mind Magic powers, gaining vast powers to warp reality and mind control over most of Skylands. During the final battle, Super Kaos is created from Brain's power, giving him the power to create fields of energy that repel and damage the Skylanders, as well as let him create entire teams of Doomlanders on a whim.

In Ring of Heroes, Kaos can still tap into his Traptanium powers through unknown means to temporarily transform into Ultra Traptanium Kaos, graining the ability to Corrode his enemies' weapons and confuse them to swap their attack and defense. He has also started to dabble in Mind Magic, being able to create apparitions of purple Doom Sharks and Doomlanders.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, Kaos can, in a word, cheat in many mechanics of the game. He can make crystals rain from the sky, setting himself to maximum energy, summon a special Stupendous Stink Bomb that acts as a Relic but cannot be destroyed the same way, randomly destroys and gains Gear and Relics, and uses Portals to swap in random villains temporarily. Notably, in his final battle at the Kaos Realm, he will hide as a random hologram, being able to be attacked before revealing himself.

Gear Shift Relicsplosion Stupendous Stink Bomb
Gear Shiftcard

Rare (Unobtainable)
Your active ally gets a random gear. Destroy a random enemy gear.


Rare (Unobtainable)
You get a random relic, then destroy the enemy relic.

Stupendous Stink Bombcard

Rare (Unobtainable)
Replace a random card in the enemy hand with Super Stink Bomb.

Stupendous Stink Bomb (Passive) Crystal Caper Quadruple Team
Stupendous Stink Bomb (Passive)card

Destroy a Stupendous Stink Bomb. (At the start of my turn, if you have Stupendous Stink Bomb in your hand, blast your active ally for 30 damage and snare it.)

Crystal Capercard

Rare (Unobtainable)
Set Kaos to 10 Crystals.

Quadruple Teamcard

Rare (Unobtainable)
Replace an ally with a random villain.

Kaos Storm - Special Ability
Kaos Storm - Special Abilitycard

Common (Unobtainable)
Kaos gains the perfect card.



Before becoming the archenemy of the Skylanders, Kaos always demonstrated an insatiable hunger for absolute power. Even as an infant, Kaos seized control of his nursery with his "evil baby army of evil drool" which threatened to crawl across the face of all Skylands. Fortunately, this uprising was crushed at naptime. Kaos was then sent to the finest evil school of magical villainy, as were many in his long and twisted family history. It was here that Kaos met Glumshanks, who was persuaded by Kaos to become his evil servant with the promise of career growth. But soon after, they were expelled when Kaos appeared as a giant floating head at a school assembly and ate the gymnasium. With the long suffering and still unpromoted Glumshanks at his side, Kaos continues to come up with plan after plan to take over Skylands; some say to fulfill his ambition to become Skylands' "ultimate evil overlord," though others think that he’s still trying to impress his immensely powerful and overbearing mother – herself a Dark Portal Master. All agree, however, that Kaos should never be underestimated.

The Machine of Doom

Machine of Doom Illustration8

Spyro standing beside a snickering Kaos as he reveals the true nature behind The Machine of Doom

Kaos sought after an item called the Chattering Key, which was used to unlock an ancient Arkeyan artifact capable of destroying the Core of Light that not even the Skylanders nor Eon could stop it. The tyrant sent his Troll minions and a Spell Punk to test out their invisibility spell that is needed to sneak past the guard protecting the Key. Unfortunately, the Trolls caused mischief in the Mabu Market using their invisibility powers, drawing attention to the Skylanders, Spyro, Eruptor, and Gill Grunt. The Spell Punk accidentally uttered that they were looking for the Chattering Key, and he and the trolls were summoned back to Kaos' lair when the projection of Kaos' face appeared, aiming to punish the Spell Punk for revealing too much information.

While Spyro, Eruptor, Boomer, and Gill Grunt retrieved the Chattering Key from the Forest of Fear, Kaos had captured Flynn and used him to force the Skylanders to hand over the key to the evil Portal Master. Kaos and Glumshanks then summon a tomb leading to the Pyramid of Just Rewards that contained the Arkeyan artifact he was seeking: the Machine of Doom. Inside, Kaos once again tries to use Flynn as stalemate when the Skylanders had entered the tomb as well to stop Kaos, but Boomer disrupts him when the troll attempted control the Machine of Doom. However, the machine went out of control, breaking apart, and the pyramid itself started to crumble. Kaos laughed maniacally at the Skylanders, revealing that the Machine of Doom was really a trap designed by the Arkeyans to capture anyone who may be tempted to steal the weapon capable of destroying the Core of Light, and that Kaos planned on using the trap to bury the Skylanders alive.

Revealing his transport portal, Kaos attempted to make a hasty retreat from the crumbling pyramid, but was stopped by Boomer, who managed to control the Machine of Doom and destroy the portal. Spyro, despite wanting to leave Kaos in the very trap he tried to spring but knew what Eon would do, saved the evil tyrant from the tumbling ruins as Boomer used the Machine of Doom to escape. Kaos, however, made his escape afterwards using a fragment of his transport portal and teleported home to his lair.

Back in his lair, Kaos began to look through a book entitled, '101 Ways to Become Lord of Skylands', smiling evilly after writing out the words 'Plan One: The Machine of Doom' on the first page.

Spyro versus the Mega Monsters

Kaos appeared in the Stinky Swamp saving Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Snuckles from an unusually large titchy toad with the use of a magic staff. He then announced that he would be turning over a new leaf by fighting evil-doers, leaving Spyro and Stealth Elf in complete disbelief. Soon, the news of Kaos' heroic exploits were spread throughout the Skylands, with him defeating mega-sized animals and saving the inhabitants before the Skylanders could have the chance, irritating the heroes.

Kaos soon reappeared at the Eternal Archives, suspending a group of mega-sized Chompies to stop them from devouring the Skylanders. The evil Portal Master revealed that as a child he wanted to borrow a book called World Domination for Beginners and other related books from the Eternal Archive, but was told by the Chief Curator, Wiggleworth that they weren't available for loan (in order to keep the books from falling into the wrong hands). Kaos threatened to release the giant Chompies upon the heroes if Wiggleworth didn't hand over a forbidden book to him. When Wiggleworth refused, the evil Portal Master released the Chompies to devour the group. Stealth Elf stole the magic staff from Kaos, and used its power to enlarge Spyro two times the size of the giant Chompies, allowing the dragon to battle the giant enemies at a draw.

Kaos managed to steal back his staff and used it to shrink Stealth Elf down to the size of an ant. As revenge, the tiny elf stabbed one of her daggers into Kaos's ankle like a splinter, causing the Portal Master to drop his staff in pain and allowing Drill Sergeant the chance to destroy it, returning Spyro and Stealth Elf back to normal size. Cornering Kaos, Spyro realized that Kaos's true plan was to test his staff on a few creatures (growing them into a giant size), trick people into thinking he was saving them just so he could attack the Archive and blackmail its curator, who Kaos thought would be blinded by hero worship like others have.

Knowing that he was defeated, Kaos disappeared, vowing that his failed plan was only the beginning.

Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master

Kaos FishMaster

Kaos firing a bolt of magic at the Skylanders with Glumshanks looking on

After the events of Spyro versus The Mega Monsters, it was revealed that Kaos was seeking the fragments of the Mask of Power, an evil artifact that he planned to use to destroy the Core of Light. After failing to steal the Book of Power in order to locate the rest of the fragments, he managed to obtain the Tech fragment, and was searching for the Water Fragment that the Skylanders were also looking for.

After the Skylanders defeated Captain Grimslobber, Kaos was able to retrieve the broken pieces of the Fish Master's Crown that supposedly containted the Water Fragment he was after. The evil Portal Master taunted the Skylanders by dumping gallons of fish on them before firing a bolt of magic on the ship of the Fearsome Fang to sink the heroes before making his leave. Although Kaos seemed to have taken the Water Fragment, he was unaware that the real Fragment was in the hands of the Skylanders while all he got was a broken crown. The evil Portal Master was currently looking for the rest of the Fragments, with the Skylanders getting ready for him.

Skylanders: Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen

Kaos captured Cali after hearing that she knew the way to Tempest Towers that held the Air fragment to the Mask of Power: the Land Whale. With the help of his Drow army, the evil Portal Master navigated through the Sea of Storms with the Skylanders in hot pursuit. The heroes fortunately managed to fly past Kaos and his minions and beat him to Tempest Towers. Once at Tempest Towers, Kaos immediately announced his arrival. After meeting the Cyclops Queen, she saw Kaos as a unique specimen to her animal collection and ordered for his capture.

Soon, Kaos's Drow army fought against the Cyclopses and won the fight. Kaos attempted to force the Cyclops Queen to tell him the password to the door leading to where the Land Whale was being held, but her husband, Pipsqueak, told him the password out of fear for his life after being turned into a pot of petunias. The Skylander, Lightning Rod, quickly hurled the Land Whale out of Tempest Towers and into the unknown, and Kaos and his Drow army quickly gave chase. It was soon revealed that the Air fragment wasn't the Land Whale, but the Cyclops Queen's tower that held her animal collection.

Having lost half of his Drow army to the Land Whale as a result, Kaos contacted a spy within the vault of the Eternal Vault named Squirmgrub, a traitorous Warrior Librarian who had been telling the evil Portal Master the locations to the fragments to the Mask of Power.

Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers

In the Fantastic Fairy Fair, Kaos posed as a fortune teller and managed to cause trouble for Gurglefin with one of his fortunes. The evil Portal Master soon revealed himself when his troll army and Sweet-O-Tron 3000 managed to capture Rocky, a Stone Golem who was believed to be the Earth segment to the Mask of Power. Kaos was able to escape with Rocky to the Explosive Emporium, but the Skylanders, Terrafin, Sonic Boom, Hot Dog and Sprocket were able to track him down. However they fell into a trap made by Kaos and the Boom Brothers, who were working with the evil Portal Master.

However the Skylanders were able to free themselves from the musical trap and drove Kaos and his troll army out of the chamber they were in. After the destruction of the Boom Brothers, Kaos threatened to blow the Skylanders sky-high should they refuse to let him and his troll army back inside the room, which turned out to be a large rocket. Sprocket unintentionally launched the rocket, sending the Skylanders away from Junk Mountain and leaving Kaos and his troll army under what was left of the Explosive Emporium.

Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard

Kaos forced a weather wizard named Hurrikazam into following his orders, threatening to cut the wizard's precious Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible, Suprising, Unfathomable, All-Coloured Rose if he didn't do what the evil Portal Master commanded. He used Hurrikazam to kidnap the undead inhabitants of the Isle of the Dead in order to drain them of their undeadliness and store it up in a tank of Undead energy to shower every island of Skylands with undead rain showers to turn the living into undead as well as to destroy the other elements. Without Hurrikazam's notice, Kaos operated the wizard's weather machine to cause unnatural harmful weather conditions throughout Skylands.

Kaos Squirmgrub

Kaos speaking to his spy, Squirmgrub

However the Skylanders, Cynder, Zook and Hex were able to uncover his devious plan, but became captured by Hurrikazam. Kaos ordered the wizard to drain the Skylanders of their element, but Hurrikazam refused despite losing his colorful rose. The evil Portal Master tried to proceed with the draining process, but accidentally released the Skylanders. Just as the Skylanders had Kaos cornered, Hex suddenly trapped Cynder and Zook in her bone fortresses, revealing that she had switched sides, now serving Kaos. Hex allowed herself to provide Kaos with her powerful Undead energy, claiming that she was tired of being feared and longed to be normal again. Kaos eagerly began the procedure, however the machine was overloading with Hex's power, which the elf sorceress planned all along and never actually defected to Kaos.

Seeing his plan failing, Kaos tried to find the Undead segment to the Mask of Power in Hurrikazam's botanical gardens, but was stopped by Cynder and the Stump Demon, Dogwood. Kaos swore revenge, but was reprimanded by Cynder instead as he escaped back to his lair. Unfortunately, his plans weren't in vain, as Squirmgrub had taken five pieces to the Mask of Power from the Eternal Archives for Kaos and also kidnapped Master Eon while the Skylanders were away on their mission.

Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon

Kaos and his legion of Trolls carried the immobolized Eon to the Giggling Forest where the evil Portal Master ordered General Disaster to unearth a Bone Dragon. However the Dragon became enraged upon being awakened from his slumber and proceeded to turn Kaos and all surrounding individuals to stone. While the Skylanders dealt with the Bone Dragon, they convinced him to return all he petrified to normal. Once freed, Kaos revealed that he had planned this from the start just to capture the Life segment to the Mask of Power, which was believed to be the Bone Dragon.

The evil Portal Master had the Skylanders pinned as he fired his dark magic upon them, but was subdued by Master Eon's spells. Master Eon then revealed that the Life segement wasn't the Bone Dragon, but a stone heart he was given to him by a wizard years ago. Defeated, Kaos and his forces retreated, leaving behind Squirmgrub.

Eruptor Meets the Nightmare King

With the help of his minion, Bloodshot, Kaos and Glumshanks went back thousands of years into the past to overthrow the original owner of the Mask of Power, King Nefarion. This will allow Kaos to rule over the past timeline, affecting the present. His actions didn't come unnoticed by the Skylanders, who with the help of Master Eon, went back in time as well to stop Kaos. However Kaos knew the Skylanders would follow him, and he tricked one of the last remaining Portal Masters, Wizbit, into thinking the Skylanders didn't come to help him stop King Nefarion.

While in the past timeline, Kaos was able to ally himself with King Nefarion and betrayed Wizbit when the Mabu Portal Master revealed to the Nightmare King the Big Bad Ice Bomb, a device intended to freeze King Nefarion and end his evil reign. With the Skylanders still detained, Kaos triggered a cave-in to trap the heroes and left them to their fate. In Nefarion's castle, Kaos revealed to Glumshanks that he intended to use the Big Bad Ice Bomb to freeze King Nefarion and steal the Mask of Power from him. Wen Kaos presented with the Big Bad Ice Bomb to King Nefarion, the tyrant caught on to what Kaos was going to do and attacked the evil Portal Master.

Kaos cleverly used a spell to summon a multitude of clones to confuse the Nightmare King, allowing him to take the Mask of Power of Nefarion's face, turning back to his original form. Before Kaos can put on the mask, he was stopped by the Skylanders. During the struggle between the Skyanders, Nefarion and himself, Kaos could only watch as the Mask of Power was shattered into eight pieces and scattered across Skylands by Wizbit. As the castle began to freeze up by the effects of the Big Bad Ice Bomb, Kaos and Glumshanks retreated back to the present. The Book of Power soon revealed that Kaos will succeed in wearing the Mask of Power.

Trigger Happy Targets the Evil Kaos

Kaos Mask of Power Skylanders

Kaos using the Mask of Power to steal the abilities of the Skylanders

Despite losing the Magic segment to the Mask of Power to the Skylanders at Wool Mountain, Kaos's minions were able to steal all of the segments of the Mask of Power from Eon's Citadel. The Skylanders who took part in the search for the Mask segments were summoned to launch an attack at Kaos's Kastle to stop him from putting on the Mask. However they were too late as Kaos put on the Mask of Power and utilized its powers to steal all of the Skylanders' abilities, rendering them helpless. Before Kaos could finish off his enemies, Eon teleported his Skylanders safely back to the Citadel.

With the Mask of Power, Kaos wrecked havoc throughout the Skylands before making his way to the Core of Light to destroy it. The Skylanders attempted to protect the Core with a makeshift barrier, but Kaos once again overwhelmed them and subdued Master Eon. With his enemies at his mercy, Kaos prepared to destroy the Core of Light, but was stopped by Trigger Happy and the Skylanders, who coaxed the evil Portal Master into wielding all of their powers at once. Wanting to prove himself, Kaos attempted to use all of their powers at the same time, but wound up losing control of his powers and allowing Trigger Happy to yank the Mask of Power off Kaos's face. With the Mask of Power disabled, the Skylanders were given back their powers and they used them to fully destroy the Mask of Power.

As punishment for the trouble he caused, and for turning Hugo into a sheep earlier in the story, Master Eon temporarily turned both Kaos and Glumshanks into sheep and Trigger Happy quickly blasted them off with an explosive pot of gold. Upon arrival at his Kastle, Kaos came upon a package containing the book of Horrendous Horrors of Hideous Horribleness he had ordered. Confident of his latest plan, Kaos gloated that the Skylanders may enjoy their victory for now, but something wicked is coming their way and they all will be 'doomed'.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Kaos Giant Head Eon

Kaos using his giant floating head to taunt Eon

In the story events of Spyro's Adventure, Kaos returned to Skylands after his exile to exact his revenge. He succeeded in destroying the Core of Light using a large fearsome creature called the Hydra, an act which banished the Skylanders to Earth. With Skylands' greatest protectors gone, Kaos proceeded to shroud the world under his rule using The Darkness. He soon became aware of the new Portal Master, who arrived to save Skylands and brought back the Skylanders, and Kaos' attempts to stop them from restoring the Core of Light failed. After the Core of Light was restored, Kaos, blinded by the bright light of the newly restored world, fled back to the Outlands, but not before vowing that he wasn't beaten yet.

The new Portal Master and the Skylanders soon confronted Kaos in his lair to deal with the evil Portal Master once and for all, battling against him, his Minions, and his Hydra. After a long battle, they successfully defeated them. As Kaos gloated that he would destroy the new Portal Master and Skylanders to oblivion another day, the hover throne he was sitting on exploded due to the damage it sustained in battle, sending Kaos flying and landing back on the ground, knocking him out shortly afterwards. Kaos was then imprisoned temporarily at the Ruins, where he soon vowed that he would keep returning until Skylands was his if he was going to be banished to the Outlands once more. However to his surprise, Kaos was banished to Earth instead where he was turned into a toy and is soon tormented by a dog.

Skylanders: Giants

Kaos Toy Store

A miniature Kaos finds himself inside a toy store to which he calls a 'wasteland'

After being banished to Earth, Kaos's toy form was recovered and placed inside a toy store called Super Toy Planet. He was soon released from his frozen state because of his status as a Portal Master, and initially plotted to destroy Earth once he has taken over Skylands. He saw the frozen Skylanders in toy form nearby inside a toy display and took the chance to taunt them before being contacted via television screen by Glumshanks, who had been looking everywhere for Kaos since his exile. Kaos then painfully used a nearby Portal of Power to return to Skylands, despite Glumshanks's warnings that Portal Masters don't use portals on themselves.

Upon his arrival, Kaos landed in a very ancient part of Skylands and inadvertantly reactivated the Arkeyan Conquertron, quickly learning that if he could acquire something known as the Iron Fist of Arkus, he could not only reactivate the entire army of Arkeyan robots, but also command them. With that kind of power, Kaos would be unstoppable. Despite the Skylanders' and the Giants' efforts to stop Kaos, the evil Portal Master was able to reach the Lost City of Arkus and gain hold of the Iron Fist of Arkus, transforming himself into a large Arkeyan robot before using the Iron Fist's power to resurrect the Arkeyan army.

Robo Kaos Skylander

Robo Kaos cornering Bash within the City of Arkus

Before he could begin his world conquest with his Arkeyan army, the Skylander confronted Kaos to stop his evil plan, only to discover that the now Arkeyan Portal Master was impossible to stop unless the Iron Fist of Arkus was removed from his grasp. With the help of Ermit and Machine Ghost, the Skylander was able to remove the Fist of Arkus from Kaos' grip, returning the evil Portal Master to his normal form. After losing the Iron Fist, and soon afterwards the Arkeyan Conquertron, Kaos returned to his kastle where he revealed to Glumshanks that he had at least 37 more plans to take over Skylands. The evil Portal Master laughed evilly, only to be confronted by his mother moments later.

Skylanders: Swap Force

Kaos' latest scheme involved trying to use Cloudbreak Islands' volcano to spread Darkness throughout Skylands. His plot consisted of evilizing one of the Ancient Elementals. If he was to succeed, during the next eruption of the volcano, the corrupt Elemental would cause the entire volcano to fill up with Darkness, and then erupt to spread it throughout Skylands. To help with this plot, he summoned Greebles to help carry out his invasion and began evilizing various creatures to enhance his army.

After an Evilized Glumshanks was defeated by the Skylanders, Kaos was contacted by a hooded figure on a magic mirror he used to watch over his plots. The hooded figure was revealed to be Kaos' Mom, who told him how her original plan was both a success (banished the SWAP Force Skylanders to Earth), and a failure. She proceeded to scold Kaos that his invasion had called so much attention that the Skylanders returned. Kaos claimed that he would succeed by doing it his own way, rudely cutting his mother off before continuing his plan further.

Kaos troll

Kaos overlooks his army of Trolls before their attack on the Fantasm Forest

After the Skylanders saved the Ancient Terrasquid, Kaos discovered that his mother had appeared in his castle in person to help him out by bringing a band of minions of her own. When most of Kaos' Mom's minions were defeated by the Skylanders, Kaos left his castle to go after the Ancient Tree Spirit, bringing a legion of trolls that have been equipped with evilized fire that would be used to burn down Fantasm Forest, the home of the Spirit. He personally oversaw the plot in a glider mechanism, but his troll army and the evilized fire was contained by the Skylanders, who soon defeated Kaos in his battle ship.

Kaos was captured and held captive by the Skylanders once all four Elementals were joined together. But before they could perform the ceremony, Kaos' Mom appeared and teleported both Tessa and Kaos to his Fortress. To save Tessa, the Skylanders set off to Kaos' Fortress in Flynn's newly improved Dread-Yacht, made it pass the defenses, and defeated Kaos' Mom. After Kaos' Mom was imprisoned in Kaos' mirror, Kaos appeared in his Portal, revealing that he had filled the volcano with Petrified Darkness and showed no intentions of coming to his mother's aid. Flynn, Tessa, Sharpfin, and the Skylanders all set off to the Cloudbreak Core to stop Kaos.

After piling a huge amount of crystallized Petrified Darkness near the heart of the volcano, the crystal pile collapsed on top of Kaos, evilizing him into Super Evil Kaos. The Skylanders confronted the newly evilized Portal Master, and after a grueling battle, they managed to defeat Kaos, reverting him back to his normal state. Afterwards, Kaos and Glumshanks met up again as the Cloudbreak Volcano was ready to erupt, only to find that their legs and lower torsos have been switched. Kaos marveled at how he was finally tall, but they were caught in the eruption of the volcano, blasting them to somewhere unknown.

The Kaos Trap

Kaos had heard about the new Skylanders Academy and plotted to ruin it by destroying the Skylanders from inside the school. He overpowered and impersonated the real Weeruptor while he and the other Minis were being transported to the Academy by Flynn. Kaos marooned Weeruptor on a life raft before starting the spell process of impersonating the Fire Mini in order to get to the Academy unnoticed. The evil Portal Master was discovered by Flynn in the Dread-Yacht's galley when the Mabu came upon him while his transformaton spell was still underway. To silence Flynn, Kaos shot an amnesia spell at him, making him forget that he ever saw Kaos, but left him in a dazed hypnotized state. Flynn then walked off the Dread-Yacht with Chopper in pursuit, leaving the Minis to frantically try to control the ship.

When Tessa successfully lands the Dread-Yacht, Kaos is seen disembarking the vessel along with the other Minis, bearing an evil grin that went unnoticed by the present characters.

Still under his Weeruptor disguise, Kaos accompanied the other Minis through the tour of the Academy, nearly giving himself away by boasting about himself. He then tricked Hugo into taking him, Food Fight and the Minis to the Heroic Challenge Arena where he sprung a trap upon them with his Trolls who were disguised as the training dummies. Kaos took off his disguise and joined in on the attack, but was repelled by Food Fight and his tomatoes. He retreated by piloting an Arkeyan Copter that was parked outside of the Academy by Flynn and the others, vowing revenge, but was cut off by another one of Food Fight's tomatoes.

While researching the coordinates of Cloudcracker Prison, Kaos uncovered a way to destroy the Traptanium stronghold in order to free the villains locked there in the hopes of them helping him rule Skylands. He sent an army of Trolls to the Radiant Isles to go after the Radiance Crystals and attack the Mabu mining expedition. However the Skylanders happened to be on their way there and quickly dispatched the trolls, and their newly gained ally, Wolfgang. Although his troll army lost the battle, it was all a diversion planned by Kaos so that the trolls could steal the Fork of Infinite Resonance, a device that can shatter material with its own resonance frequency. Knowing that only Traptanium can't be destroyed by other known materials, he planned on using the Fork of Infinite Resonance to make the Traptanium shatter itself apart. With his primary goal achieved, Kaos and his minions prepared their trip to Cloudcracker Prison to free the villains.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Using his newly constructed Frequency Madulator, Kaos freed the villains, mainly the Doom Raiders, from Cloudcracker Prison at the hopes of them helping the evil Portal Master fulfill his latest plan in ruling Skylands. However the strong elite of villains had other motives and cast aside Kaos in favor of following their leader, the Golden Queen. The Golden Queen allowed Kaos and Glumshanks to stay, only to come up with a plan of her own, stating its "solid gold". As dissent grows in the ranks, Kaos, sought to take back control, commences "Operation Sabotage". He intervened at Phoenix Psanctuary to sabotage Chef Pepper Jack's plan on stealing the Phoenix Chicken, but backfired, his smoke rocket allowing Chef Pepper Jack to get away with an egg from the Phoenix Chicken.

Kaos DoomRaiders

Kaos and Glumshanks surrounded by the Doom Raiders

When attempts of winning over the Doom Raiders failed, Kaos lashed at the Golden Queen for her ultimate goal of having all of the gold in Skylands over being its ruler. The evil Portal Master foolishly challenged the Queen to an "Evil-off" with the winner taking all and the control of the Doom Raiders and Skylands. Unfortunately it ended rather quickly and poorly for Kaos as the Golden Queen simply turned him to a gold statue.

Having lost Glumshanks and his hideout to the Doom Raiders, Kaos was forced to turn to the Skylanders for help in defeating the strong villains who betrayed him. After acquiring an Information Squid from Mags' home village in Rainfish Riviera, the heroes wanted to know why the Doom Raiders were obtaining Traptanium. Eventually, the Information Squid turned out to be Kaos who soon turned into an unlikely alliance with the heroes. With Kaos being the only lead to where the Doom Raiders were, he lent his assistance by telling the heroes the whereabouts of the Dreamcatcher and later accompanied the Skylanders to the Wilikin Workshop where he created the Wilikin.

Much to his shock, Kaos found his workshop under the control of Dr. Krankcase and helped the Skylanders infilitrate the factory. He became captured by the mad doctor, who was ordered by the Golden Queen to retrieve Kaos in order to travel through time for their plans. During the Skylanders' battle with Dr. Krankcase, Kaos was taken away by Wolfgang to Time Town, where the werewolf began using Kaos's power to mess with time. The Skylanders managed to rescue Kaos, but Wolfgang escaped into the future.

After the Skylanders defeated the Golden Queen, Kaos and Glumshanks took control of The Ultimate Weapon. Glumshanks warned him that too much stinkocity was very dangerous, to which the dark Portal Master dismissed, saying that Traptanium is the "ultimate power source", but has a much different effect on a Dark Portal Master.

Kaos powered himself with the combined Stinkocity and Traptanium, turning into Ultra Traptanium-powered Kaos. With this power, he was able to see the new Portal Master through the fourth-wall and planned to not only conquer Skylands, but to also pull the new Portal Master from their world and trap them in Traptanium. The Skylanders infiltrated the Ultimate Weapon to face Kaos, who underwent a fearsome transformation to battle the heroes. After a long battle, it ended in Kaos's defeat and capture. During the credits, Kaos complained about how the player had an entire army (the developers) helping them when all he had was Glumshanks.

After he was captured, the Skylanders took him to back to the Academy for his Villain Quest with a familiar face, Blobbers, who had arrived at the school after the heroes had successfully captured Wolfgang. His Villain Quest was entitled "Who Wants Kaos Kake?", and Blobbers explains to the Skylanders that he was entering a baking competition, and needed the help of the "most evil being in Skylands" (not "BEAN"). Then, Kaos suddenly made a monstrous cake with one eyeball and mouth appear, and the Portal Master was awarded with Blobbers' thanks and a new outfit.

Rift into Overdrive

During his time as a rehabilitated villain, Kaos was giving out cotton candy to the partygoers at the Skylanders Academy. last day of school celebration. When the party was over, Glumshanks came to free Kaos with a Magic Skull trap, but Kaos surprised his troll minion by revealing that he was pretending to be good while formulating a new evil plan. The evil Portal Master explained to Glumshanks that the last bit of The Darkness collected and sealed within the Academy had been giving him strength, making Kaos strong enough to fully escape his Traptanium prison. With his nap time charm the Skylanders had eaten with the cotton candy taking effect, Kaos was able to steal the vial containing The Darkness and escape the Academy.

Kaos TheDarkness

Kaos gloating about his latest plan in Rift into Overdrive

After Kaos' escape, the Skylanders had been searching for him for three months. Kaos's plan would soon be unveiled when strange rifts began opening up around Skylands, consuming everything in their path including the sky itself. These rifts not only threaten the lives of the Skyland inhabitants, but it disables connection between the Portals, stranding many Skylanders and breaking the connection between worlds. The Lord of the Undead, Count Moneybone, has even joined Kaos in his latest plan, flanked by a massive air armada.

While the Skylanders, Stealth Elf, Gill Grunt, Terrafin and Jet-Vac were investigating Know-It-All Island for clues on the Rift Engines, Kaos' disembodied voice revealed the creation of his Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction and opened up another rift that threatened to consume them all. They were saved by the SuperChargers, Spitfire and Stormblade, but Kaos began launching an attack on the Skylander Academy with an armada at his disposal. With most of the Skylanders scattered around Skylands unaware of the Academy being under attack, Kaos demanded the residents of the school to surrender, only to receive resistance from Master Eon and the Skylanders. The evil Portal Master captured Eon's spirit form during the confrontation, but didn't count on Mags sending a distress call for all Skylanders across Skylands (and worlds beyond) using Magus' Omni-Disruptor. Outnumbered by the returning Skylanders, and with his army retreating, Kaos swore that the battle wasn't over and that the Core of Light wouldn't save them from the threat he had in store.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Emperor Kaos

Kaos wearing his regal new robes

With Skylands under his rule, Kaos gloated about his victory to the new Portal Master and proceeded to disconnect the portal connection between Earth to Skylands to stop them from interfering with his plan. His Sky Eater, powered by The Darkness, wrecked havoc across Skylands, consuming everything in its path including the sky itself. When The Darkness gained sentinence, Kaos eagerly cooperated with it in his plan to take over not only Skylands but the entire universe. The evil Portal Master was eventually persuaded by The Darkness to fire Glumshanks when it claimed that the troll was getting in Kaos' way, despite reasoning that if The Darkness devoured all of the sky, Skylands would be destroyed.

Kaos eventually recalled Glumshanks' words when the troll appeared in the form of his former master's conscience. This caused Kaos to hesitate in initiating the button needed to start the destruction of Skylands with his Sky Eater, only for The Darkness to force Kaos to proceed with the plan by removing his powers it had given him. During the battle against the Skylanders, The Darkness gave dark abilities to Kaos during the fight but they managed to defeat him. The Darkness subdued the opposing party itself, then commanded Kaos to destroy the Dark Rift Engine that was the only artifact capable of banishing The Darkness from Skylands. Kaos instead activated the Rift Engine, proudly declaring that no one tells him what to do, except him, allowing The Darkness to be pulled helplessly towards a rift. As they escaped from the Sky Eater, Kaos rehired Glumshanks, who at the time was helping the Skylanders since he was fired.

With The Darkness gone, Kaos' dark Portal Master abilities went with it, leaving him powerless. He then announced to the Skylanders that other evildoers would come to conquer Skylands, something he doesn't want to happen. Until he can find another way to regain his powers, he appointed himself the Skylander Academy's Ultimate Evil Consultant of Ultimate Evil to help the Skylanders. While Cali wondered if it was a good idea to allow Kaos to stay at the Academy, Buzz believed that it is a way to keep an eye on the evil Portal Master.

Before Master Eon can congratulate the player, Kaos stepped in and thanked them instead for ridding Skylands of The Darkness once and for all, with him helping the Skylanders out in the end.

Secret Agents Secrets

Spyro and Kaos arguing with each other in Secret Agent Secrets

Spyro and Kaos arguing with each other in Secret Agent Secrets

After the events of SuperChargers, Kaos attempted to assume leadership over Skylander Academy after appointing himself as the school's Evil Consultant of Ultimate Evil. He was met with opposition in the form of Spyro, who accused Kaos of being to no good as always. Eventually both Kaos and Spyro were forced to cooperate and worked out a plan after Buzz pointed out that his elite team of Skylanders, Boomer, Ghost Roaster and Voodood, had disappeared while on a convert mission and hadn't reported in for months. Spyro and Kaos appointed SuperChargers, Spitfire, Stormblade and Nightfall, their first mission to find the lost Skylanders at what was left of Motleyville.

While waiting for Spitfire, Stormblade and Nightfall to report back, Kaos and Spyro once again got into a heated argument. Before things could escalate into violence, Mags was forced to step in and place Spyro and Kaos in timeout. Knowing that the Skylanders Academy was depending on their leadership, Spyro offered to treat Kaos the respect an ally deserves as they are now on the same side. Now on better terms, both Spyro and Kaos pinpointed the location where the missing Skylanders had disappeared. Kaos and Buzz were left in charge of the Academy while Spyro left to search for their comrades.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Kaos would eventually leave Skylanders Academy with Glumshanks and go back to his villainous ways, despite being powerless. Before his next attack on Skylands, one of Kaos' first creations with Mind Magic was a clone of himself. However, their rivalry in wanting to be the sole emperor turned out to be stronger than their mutual desire to conquer Skylands, and the clone went on to fight alongside the Skylanders to defeat the original.

Despite this setback, the evil Portal Master afterwards created his first Doomlander and sent it to steal a book on Mind Magic from the Skylanders Academy library. At the Cradle of Creation, Kaos personally confronted the Skylander and Spyro, who pursued the Doomlander to the depths of the ruins. With the Book of Mind Magic at his disposal, Kaos bestowed new abilities to his Doomlander, transforming it into a Sorcerer. However the Skylander defeated the Sorcerer Doomlander and Kaos retreated back his lair all the while creating more Doomlanders. After the Skylanders traveled across Skylands to fight the Doomlanders, Kaos was approached by the renegade Ancient called Brain who had been lending the evil Portal Master his power, and they joined forces in putting all of Skylands under mind control.

However the Skylanders were soon from their mind control by Spyro and the other dragons and built a birthday cake to sneak into Kaos' Kastle. When they sprung for the attack, Kaos then asked Brain to make him more powerful, and Kaos became Super Kaos, transforming into a tall, muscular, levitating version of himself with blue 'anime hair' and black armor. As the Skylanders and the Imaginator fought against Kaos's summoned minions, Kaos mocked Brain's lack of hands with insensitive remarks, causing the Ancient to turn against Kaos and lend his power over to the Portal Master instead. This allowed the Skylanders to easily defeat Kaos before he was trapped inside a forcefield made by Brain. With Brain's power, Kaos was then imprisoned with Glumshanks inside a jar at Skylanders Academy, swearing vengeance.

Other appearances

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

After the events of Secret Agent Secrets, Kaos started to gather troops and Traptanium at the hidden Hall of Chaos, rediscovering some of his old abilities and starting to experiment with Mind Magic.

While looking for new sources of power in secret, Kaos found the Book of Dark Magic, but accidentally unleashed its power and and once again tore Rifts into the Portal network. Pretending it to be an intended attack, he ambushed a group of Awakened Skylanders while they had a sparring match, but just at that moment, the Earth Portal Master fell from one his rifts and was helped by the other heroes, quickly joining in to drive the Dark Portal Master away. In his escape, he accidentally dropped the book and made a deal with the Doom Raiders to get it back, in exchange for controlling the Shattered Islands that he accidentally created - however, they had other plans, pretending to be passing the book around for precaution while trying to use it behind his back.

While waiting for them, he tried to recruit Pain-Yatta into the team, pretending to be speaking on their behalf so he would intercept the Skylanders. Though his new minion defected after being defeated, at the Shrine of Light, Kaos finally discovered Luminous and the villains' plans and took his book, immediately trying to use it on the heroes. The Earth Portal Master was quick to stand in his way, making his dark counterpart mock the feeble attempt to protect Cali, Hugo and Flynn, but the player character took the opportunity to summon Spyro, Barbella and Stealth Elf at point blank, who attacked him quickly and threw him off the island. Though the book was taken from him, the Earth Portal Master kept returning to Skylands after the Rifts were closed, knowing the villain was still at large and with newfound powers.



As they are archenemies, Kaos and Spyro don't see eye-to-eye. In Secret Agent Secrets, both rivals are seen in a heated argument with Kaos attempting to gain leadership due to claiming to have knowledge over all telltale signs of impending evil and Spyro counters this by assuming that Kaos was up to no good despite the Portal Master's claims to have joined their side. Once Mags intervened in their argument before they could get into a physical fight, both Kaos and Spyro put aside their differences so they could locate Boomer, Voodood, Ghost Roaster, Spitfire, Stormblade, and Nightfall. However, their cooperation was short-lived as the evil Portal Mastrer returned to his villainous ways in subsequent media.

In the novels, Kaos regularly calls Spyro and other dragon Skylanders by the name 'dragonfly'.

Master Eon

Kaos despises Master Eon as he is the only good Portal Master that stands in his way. He is willing to inflict harm onto the old Portal Master and doesn't hesitate on belittling Eon.

Roller Brawl

Kaos has a crush on Roller Brawl, but she doesn't feel the same way. When her five brothers stood between him and Roller Brawl, Kaos furiously kidnapped the five overprotective brothers, which only made him Roller Brawl’s enemy. Despite being rejected by Roller Brawl, Kaos still sought to get back at her by controlling her brothers and turning them against her in Biting Back.


Kaos is annoyed by Flynn and his inflated ego, but at some point gave in and decided to share enchiladas with him, which Flynn refers to as an 'unbreakable bond', though Kaos betrayed him and the Skylanders not too long after.


While reviewing additional options in the post game of SuperChargers, Kaos mentions that there was something familiar about Buzz, who reminds him of someone familiar; something Kaos doesn't like about, and in Trap Team rants that he has no idea about what Secret Ninja Commando skills are about.


In the introduction of the post game of SuperChargers, Kaos mentioned that he doesn't hate Tessa nearly as much as some of other characters he interacted with.


Glumshanks is the closest thing Kaos has to a friend, but the evil Portal Master frequently mistreats his loyal troll butler, blaming him for every failure. However, most of it appears to be out of ignorance and his selfish attitude rather than genuine hate.


Kaos openly resents his mother and doesn't take her advice, feeling that his plans surpasses her own, and he wastes no time in showing his annoyance whenever she teases him. A childhood of being repeatedly abandoned, imprisoned and mistreated left him with unpleasant memories of her, and in turn he goes against her wishes at every opportunity[4] - except during Swap Force, where betraying her actually made the Dark Portal Master proud of her son. In SuperChargers, Kaos still has a picture of his mother in his new quarters in the Skylanders Academy, implying that he still thinks about her.

Apparently, Kaossandra's abandonment made him go as far as never calling her by her real name, and he much prefers that other people call her in relation to him.[5]

Golden Queen

Kaos deeply despises the Queen, even more than the Skylanders, for having petty objectives in her plans and not being 'evil enough', and he was willing to team up with his enemies and insisted that the Skylanders took her down as fast as possible even at the expense of gloating about her defeat. He would hire the Doom Raiders twice again in Skylanders: Battlecast (minus The Gulper, Nightshade, and Luminous) and Skylanders: Ring of Heroes to assist him in two separate failed conquests of Skylands, but his relationship with them was not explored further. Once the Chompy Mage (who served as one of his four warlords in Skylanders: Battlegrounds), Dr. Krankcase, Wolfgang, and the Golden Queen joined the Skylanders as Senseis in Skylanders: Imaginators, his animosity towards them grew even more to the point of no longer considering them acquaintances, though not to the same extent as the remaining Doom Raiders.

The Darkness

Kaos had previously used the powers of The Darkness for his own gain when attempting to take over Skylands. In SuperChargers, he is excited to have finally gained an audience with the ultimate force behind all evil and was eager to work with the entity on ruling not only Skylands, but the entire universe. However when The Darkness began to manipulate Kaos into following its own motives, the Portal Master no longer admired The Darkness and ultimately saved all of Skylands by following his own morals at the cost of his powers.

Kaos (Sensei)

Wanting nothing less than ruling Skylands alone, the two have such a fierce rivalry that Kaos's clone decided to fight alongside their mutual enemy, the Skylanders, to fight his own creator. As seen in the Kaos Promotion Trailer, they cannot even meet eye to eye without initiating a battle.


Trap Team Quotes

  • "But since you have now chosen to interfere with my ultimate evil Traptanium-powered victory, I will be more than happy to destroy you!"
  • "It is a shame that you could not be on the winning side, Skylanders. Although I want you to know that I am enjoying this very much!"
  • "Goodbye, Skylander! I would say it's been nice but it really hasn't"
  • "What time is it, Portal Master? Oh, yes! Time for your ultimate destruction!"
  • "Now, Portal Master to pull you into my world and deal with you once and for all. Hold still now!"
  • "Ehh! What's this? It doesn't look like a Portal Master! No matter, I, Kaos will even use this against my ultimate evil fight against you!"
  • "I must have more POWER!"
  • "Behold, my ultimate attack! These Traptanium Swords will be your final doom!"
  • "Why won't you stand still and let me destroy you? Didn't you hear what I said when it was pointless to resist? Huh? HUH?!"
  • [name of element] Bullets!"
  • "Ultimate Traptanium-Powered Emperor Kaos. I like the sound of that"
  • "My Doom Sharks will make shark sharky work of you!"
  • "Uhh! No fair! That was a lucky shot!"
  • "Hey, stop cheating! That's my job!"
  • "Alright Poser Master! You have FORCED my HAND! In fact, your forcing both of THEM! To be even more awesome! HAH! Behold!"
  • "Why don't you just give up Portal Master? Surrender your stupid Skylanders and let me destroy you and your miserable earth once and for all. I promise it will be, merely horrible HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  • "MORE Junk? You know, you really should clean up that world of yours... Pollution Master!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
  • "You, there! Portal Master, on Earth! That's right, SURPRISE! I can see you through your ridiculous television device! Now, prepare yourself Loser Master! To meet your unimaginable doom, at the hands of Ultra-Traptanium Powered Kaos! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" - Kaos speaking to the Portal Master in a cutscene after gaining Traptanium power and after defeating the Golden Queen.
  • "How dare you survive Skyloser!? I cannot deal with the fact that your keeping your Portal Master protected! Prepare, for, THE END!"

Trapped Quotes

  • "Yes, yes! Decisions, decisions! Say, If you need any help, I am an evil genius, you know!"
  • "What sorcery is this?! Ah! Hey! Knock it off, put me down! YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...!!!"
  • "Note to self: if you ever find yourself face-to-face with a swirling vortex of infinite power, RUN!!!" - when trapped
  • "So you want me to be good now, is that it? Eh? Do you have any idea what that would do to my reputation?!"
  • "What? How did you- I mean... Not bad! Not bad!"
  • "Not bad, Skylander. I must be rubbing off on you."
  • "I bet they'll think twice before messing with us again, am I right? Eh? Am I right? Hello? Hello?"
  • "You're just gonna do this on your own? Seriously, Skylander? Ok fine, I'll wait. Dum dum dum da-dum dum dum DUMB!!" - when trying to solve a mini game.
  • "Attention, fools, here comes KAAAAOOOOOOOOS!!!" - when entering the game
  • "Very well, I graciously accept!"
  • "Swim, my pretty doom sharks!" - when using the doom sharks
  • "Of course! How could it end any other way?"
  • "Prepare to fail, fools!"
  • "Yes, you have chosen wisely."
  • "What springy sorcery is this?!" - when using a bounce pad
  • "Power as I take to the air!" - when using a bounce pad
  • "At last, time for Kaos."
  • "Ultimate doom attack!"
  • "It is I, Kaooos!!"
  • "My awesome head is back! FEAR IT! FEAR IT!" - when transforming into a giant holographic head
  • "Well, from one Portal Master to another, I think you know what to do. SO GO DO THAT VOODOO THAT YOU DO SO WELL!" - Quest
  • "Blah blah blah. Hoorah. Another skylander does annoyingly well. Ugh. Like I'm so surprised." - When a challenge is completed

Superchargers Quotes

  • "Victory! VICTORY FOR ME!"
  • "MINIONS! Come and defend your rightful overlord!"
  • "Fear me and my awesomeness! Now made even more awesome by The Darkness"
  • "You dare challenge the supreme awesomeness of Kaos?"
  • "Prepare for your inevitable defeat!"
  • "Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!"
  • "The Darkness has made me more powerful than ever!"
  • "Yes! Bow down before your emperor!"

Racing Quotes

  • "Ready, aim, OBLITERATE!"
  • "Hahaha, nice try, losers!"
  • "I hope you don't get attached to that little toy of yours!"

Battlecast Quotes

  • "Prepare for your unimaginable doom!" - Battle Introduction
  • "You will kneel before Kaos!"
  • "Surprise!" - swapping in
  • "It is I, Kaos!"
  • "I will return!" - swapping out
  • "Breath time!"
  • "My genius grows even more!" - rank up
  • "But of course!"
  • "Ooh, very nice!" - Summoning a Gear
  • "I'll take it!"
  • "Yes...! Yes!" - Summoning a Relic
  • "Supremely awesome!!"
  • "Fear the smell of defeat!" - Stupendous Stink Bomb
  • "Smell my awesome victory!"
  • "A little change, courtesy of Kaos!" - Gear Shift
  • "Time to Gear up - Kaos style!"
  • "Welcome friends... Now let's finish this!" - Quadruple Team
  • "Let's shake things up a little!" - Crystal Caper
  • "Time for a change!" - Relicsplosion
  • "You're welcome!"
  • "Nice try, Sky-Lame-o!" - KOed an enemy
  • "Time for you to go!"
  • "Yes! My reign of awesomeness continues!" - cictory
  • "Preposterooous!" - when defeated
  • "This simply cannot be...!"
  • "What?! This is not possible...!" - defeat at the end of battle
  • "You haven't seen the last of Kaoooos!"
  • "Really...?" - when poked
  • "What?!"
  • "You know... I can destroy you."
  • "How dare you push around your Emperor?!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Stop that! Foolish creature..."

Imaginators Quotes

  • "I'm just glad you're not an Imaginator. Oops! I've said too much!"
  • "Not an Imaginator! They're so strong against my Doomlanders! Uhh! I mean... never mind!"

Sorcerer Doomlander Boss Fight

  • "My Sorcerer will destroy you, Sky-loser! With sorcery!"
  • "Don't just stand there, Doomlander. FIGHT BACK!"

Brawler Doomlander Boss Fight

  • "I wanna see some serious brawling out there, Brawler. Otherwise I am totally calling you something different"
  • "Really Skylander?! Do you always have to be such a hero?"
  • "I command you to stop hitting my Doomlander right this instant!
  • "I thought I told you not to hit my Doomlanders!"

Bazooker Doomlander Boss Fight

  • "Bazook away, Bazooker!"
  • "I need explosions Bazooker Doomlander! Big ones!"

Evil Sea Monster Boss Fight

Super Kaos Boss Fight

  • "This is where I will finally destroy you once and for all, Sky-loser"
  • "Why aren't we winning, Brain? WHY?!"
  • "Our Doomlanders are not being awesome enough! I blame you, Brain!"
  • "You promised me victory, Brain! And you know how I feel about people who break promises. Don't you?!"
  • "Brain, I am beginning to get frustrated by these lame Doomlanders you are helping me imagine"
  • Why did I ever team up with a talking brain in the first place?"
  • "I am still going to defeat the Sky-loser and watch you eat those words. LITERALLY!"
  • "Your imagination skills are inferior to mine, Portal Master! INFERIOR!"
  • "I don't even know what I was thinking listening to a talking brain. I mean, he doesn't even have any thumbs!"
  • "I summon all of my power! All Of It!"
  • "I am going to win and all with my own brain, not some ridiculous talking one!"
  • "Why won't you stupid Sky-losers actually lose?"



See Also


  • During the development of Spyro's Adventure, Kaos originally had a deeper voice.[6] This can be heard briefly in the Spyro's Adventure E3 trailer.
    • While he does not have one in the final game, the hologram he projects does have a deeper voice. This voice is later reused for Arkeyan King Kaos in Giants, Evilized Kaos in Swap Force, Traptanium Kaos in Trap Team, and Super Kaos in Imaginators. Superchargers is the only game in the series where he doesn’t use the voice, as the fight with him in that game is just him normally but with the crown on his head that was gifted to him by The Darkness, and it is the only game in the series where he isn’t the final boss, with the aforementioned Darkness taking that role instead.
  • One of Kaos's first attempts to take over Skylands didn't involve force at all. He merely had statues of himself placed all throughout Skylands, and hoped people would assume he was ruler because of all his statues.
  • Kaos is pronounced identically to the word 'chaos'.
    • Kaos spells his name with "K" based off a principle. Toys for Bob said, "Kaos was originally born Chaos but refuses to spell his name that way because he believes the letter C is completely useless and should be removed from the alphabet entirely."[7]
  • In Imaginators, after completing the Golden Arcade, a cutscene plays. During this cutscene, Kaos strikes a pose that is the same as his clone's transparent render.
  • He has a serious earwax condition.[8]
  • His original backstory in the Story Scroll of Spyro's Adventure mentions Kaos having been born a prince, but abandoned his royal family after years of suffering insults about his ugly looks and bad smells. Oddly, this is expanded in Machine of Doom with him being the prince of a realm far from Skylands, a fact that appears to have been retconned as he would later be mentioned by Ermit as part of the Kaos Clan, who terrorized Skylands long ago.
  • In Trap Team, one of his attacks is transforming into his giant, floating head. Pressing the first attack button allows him to shoot lasers from his eyes while in this form. This might be a reference to The Beginning trailer, where he shoots lasers from his eyes to destroy the Core of Light.
  • Kaos has an over-the-top, loud and shrill voice similar to Invader Zim, Daggett, Rodney J. Squirrel and Billy, cartoon characters whom Richard Horvitz also voiced during his years of voicework.
    • Possibly as a reference to the infamous Invader Zim episode "Dark Harvest",in which several students' organs were replaced by strange objects, Kaos mentions replacing Glumshanks' heart with a fish tank pump at some point.
  • In the console version of Spyro's Adventure, Kaos is shorter than all of the other characters, but in subsequent games and books, he is taller than some Core Skylanders.
  • Kaos being Kaos, he was unable to get a date for his Senior Prom, so he ordered Glumshanks to go with him. It was a magical evening for both of them.[9]
  • Kaos is mentioned in the biographies of certain Skylanders who have previously encountered him, such as Shroomboom, Slobber Tooth, and Smolderdash. Some of those Skylanders (such as Slam Bam, Terrafin and Roller Brawl) have a bone to pick with Kaos.
  • He and the Chompy are the only trappable villains in Trap Team who first appeared in Spyro's Adventure.
    • They are also the only trappable villains to appear in every game before Trap Team.
  • Towards the end of Trap Team, after Kaos becomes "Ultra Traptanium-powered Kaos" he speaks with a more demonic voice, but (like with Evilon) following the cutscene, he speaks with his regular voice.
  • It is implied that Kaos was originally planned to be the Magic Doom Raider in Trap Team. When switching to view Kaos's stats and back to gameplay, the elemental columns around the Skylanders Academy turn to the Magic symbol when he is close to them. Earlier images of the Kaos Trap also possessed the Magic symbol.
    • Even though Kaos was eventually kicked out of the group, he is still marked as a Doom Raider by official sources.
    • In Rift into Overdrive, Glumshanks was about to use a Magic Skull trap to free Kaos from his Traptanium prison, and in Superchargers, both of his Skystones are of the Magic element.
    • When summoning him, the sound effect used for the Kaos symbol is identical to the Magic element and Magic items'.
  • Some of Kaos' attacks are the most powerful of all the trappable villains, though none of them surpass Cuckoo Clocker's slam at full charge.
    • He is also the only trappable villain with an attack that can refill his health timer.
  • Unlike the four previous games where he is usually the last boss, he served as the semi-final boss before The Darkness in Skylanders: SuperChargers.
  • According to Imaginary Glumshanks, it is Kaos's destiny to rule Skylands, which could possibly be foreshadowing of a higher purpose Kaos is unaware of. This, however is very unlikely as Imaginary Glumshanks is merely a figment of Kaos' imagination and might just be speaking of Kaos' delusions aloud.
  • Though other villains have licensed or public domain themes, Kaos is the only one to have parts of two well-known classical songs in his boss battle themes in Trap Team, "Mars, Bringer of War" by Gustav Holst and "Night on Bald Mountain" by Modest Mussorgsky.
    • His Trap Team boss battle is also the only Kaos boss to be partially(mixed with his regular theme) or entirely licensed themes - by phase, Shrimp Bizzle, Hacksaw, Bruv of War, The Western and Bare Heavy, from APM Music.
  • As seen in the final cutscene of SuperChargers before the postgame, Kaos wore his purple robes over his regular outfit - the black sleeves can be seen when he lifts his arms.
  • In "The Beginning", the markings on Kaos' forehead are black, but are light blue in all other cases.
    • The only other exception is in Trap Team: after completing Kaos' villain quest and evolving him, his forehead symbol changes to red.
  • His Super Kaos form (the form he takes in his Imaginators boss battle) is possibly a reference to the Super Sayians forms from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • He has quite a few similarities to Orthodox from Destroy All Humans, as they are both hot headed impatient masterminds who can use their heads for holograms.
  • During the Robo-Kaos boss fight in Skylanders: Giants, dealing enough damage to the Iron Fist of Arkus fast enough during the second phase will cause the game to not make Machine Ghost mention that Robo-Kaos has eye lasers. Thus, Robo-Kaos never uses his eye lasers for the entirety of the boss fight until the final phase (desyncing the music in the process).
  • In alpha builds of Skylanders: Giants, Robo-Kaos reuses the placeholder model of an oversized Tree Rex.[10]
  • During the Super Evil Kaos boss fight in Skylanders: Swap Force, Kaos can speak with his mouth closed during the second phase.
    • His skull is also nearly entirely hollow in this form.
  • Kaos often refers to the Skylanders as "Sky-Losers".
  • While Kaos was never the main antagonist in any of the Nintendo 3DS games prior to Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, he is mentioned in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force.
  • There is actually an australian rockband of the same name as him, which was active from 1994 to 2001.
  • A finished model of one of Kaos's character prototypes appears in the alpha of Skylanders: Giants, acting as a placeholder for the mage form of Chompy Mage.[11]
  • In Skylanders: Imaginators, Kaos appears in two different forms. In the cutscenes after Cradle of Creation and his final boss battle, he appears older and closer to his traditional design; in the rest of the game's cutscenes, however, he appears more childish.
    • In Imaginators, Kaos's hologram head possesses different eye colors. In the cutscene introducing the guacamole monster, its eyes are red; in other cutscenes and in its in-game model, the hologram's eyes are blue.
  • Skylanders with flight abilities can fly safely over Traptanium Kaos's shockwaves in the final battle at The Ultimate Weapon. However, if players fly over the first few shockwaves in a row, the following shockwaves will actually change to become taller walls of energy that damage flying Skylanders as well.
  • When spoken to in Skylanders Academy after completing Time Town, Kaos reveals that he doesn't want to know what the future holds—he would rather be surprised by his own genius.
  • After completing The Golden Desert, Kaos calls Flynn and Cali a "cute couple," then proceeds to declare that he hates cute couples.
    • When spoken to again, Kaos describes the similarity between Flynn and Buzz as looking into "a mirror of stupidity."
    • Finally, Kaos admits that he tried enchiladas and found them to his liking.
  • In the Clutch artbook for Skylanders: SuperChargers, Kaos's imperial design included various iterations of crowns, scepters, golden sashes, and epaulets. In another piece of artwork he also appears, strangely enough, to be hoarding a basket of brightly colored eggs.[12]


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