This article is about the character within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the Skylander canon to the main storyline.

“Skylanders! Come together in a consolidated formation!”
“You mean, "Skylanders Unite!"?”
    —Snap Shot
“Ja! That!”
    —Ka-Boom, Assault on Skylander Academy

Ka-Boom is a Skylander in the Skylanders Academy television series. He manages the defenses on the campus.



Ka-Boom is unwavering and not very bright, following orders given to him without giving exceptions. Despite his harshness towards other Skylanders and the villains, he puts the safety of the cadets above taking down possible threats, as well as not making exceptions even for Master Eon when the island he is in is put into quarantine.


Season 1

Ka-Boom is hired as a bouncer in Skylanders Unite! and Pop Rocks, much to Spyro and Kaos' misfortune as he keeps them from entering the Skylands Music Festival uninvited. In other episodes, he is either accompanying Snap Shot or cadets like Hex, Wind-Up and Roller Brawl.

In Space Invaders, Ka-Boom was interviewed for a position as a replacement member of Team Spyro when Stealth Elf was seemingly destroyed by Kaos. As part of his membership, he insisted to be called "Tina".

In Anger Mismanagement, Ka-Boom and his team of cadets, as well as Flashwing and Trigger Happy, starved themselves for a week in an attempt to win the Chilli Chomp Competition and beat Team Spyro. However, because of Chef Pepper Jack's fiery chilli, he and his team were incapacitated along with the other Skylanders.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, he spotted the Doom Raiders as they attempt to infiltrate it, and leads the cadets and Snap Shot into driving them away. However, despite keeping high alert afterwards, they are overwhelmed by their return along with Kaossandra and an empowered Kaos, and taken out of the battle to save the school by Wolfgang's hypnotizing music.



Ka-Boom appears to care very little about the dragon's safety, threatening or harming him when he attempts to sneak in places the Trap Master is guarding.


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  • His voice is an impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger, including the thick Austrian accent.
  • The torch atop his helmet is smaller and dimmer than his ingame appearance, as most characters lack complex effects when not using their abilities.
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