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“A finely tuned, storm-chasing machine!”
    —Vehicle Collection

Jet Stream is the signature vehicle for the Air SuperCharger, Hurricane Jet-Vac. The Jet Stream is a finely tuned storm-chasing machine. Its twin turbines give it supreme maneuverability, while its Sky Baron battle armor and enhanced weaponry guarantee it will always be the last bird standing!


Performance Mods

  • Wind Slashers
  • Blade Wings
  • Air-Flex Flyers
  • Brassfeather Wings

Specialty Mods

  • Wind Frenzies
  • Vortex Core Turbine
  • Vintage Forge Crank
  • Brasslock Engine

Horn Options

  • Turbine Trumpet
  • Avian Sirens
  • Air Horn
  • Mallard Quacker

Character Trailers

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  • There is a glitch with the Jet Stream on the Wii U version of SuperChargers. For some reason, the Avian Razors remain unchanged while SuperCharged with Jet-Vac.
  • Despite the SuperCharged artwork depiction, the SuperCharged Jet Stream doesn't receive gold feathers on the front eye-shaped turbines in the game.
  • An early version of the Jet Stream can be found in the files of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. This version lacks the wings, and was likely used for testing the plane mechanics in the game.[1]
  • This is the only Air vehicle without an Alt Deco counterpart.