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“Up to your feet, people! We've got plum-bing to do. Hm, plum-bing. Is that right? I know there's a "B" in there.”
    —Jet-Vac, My Way or the Sky Way

Jet-Vac is one of the main characters of the spin-off series, Skylanders Academy. He is a veteran Skylander and class professor of Skylander Academy.



As one of the most experienced and the eldest Skylander of the team, Jet-Vac is loyal and daring. At first he was unable to think outside the box, unwilling to deviate from the plan (if he has one). It wasn't until his talk with Master Eon that Jet-Vac started acting on his impulse to respond to emergencies. Like his game counterpart, when startled or stressed, Jet-Vac tends to lay an egg, which he abhors and frames on his bedroom as a constant reminder of his failure. The Sky Baron also hasn't quite caught up with the modern day slang and uses several outdated expressions, and as a result is annoyed by the constant change and maintenance of technology.

In his youth, Jet-Vac stated that he was just like Spyro: talented, cocky, dumber than all of [his] teammates and acted on instinct without a worry about the rules. That all changed when he lost something that meant the world to him, his teeth. His father also came from a millitary background and had standards far too high for the professor to achieve, causing him issues with self respect.


Noble, selfless, and brave, Jet-Vac is one regal eagle. As senior leader of the Skylander team, this former flying ace is also tough-as-talons, using a drill-sergeant mentality to hammer his vast knowledge of Skylands into his young team members. And if that doesn’t work, he always has his trusted jet vacuum gun to intimidate them - with its awesome wind-blasting power, it's enough to send even the most dangerous of villains soaring through the sky. Ironically, the only one who can really ruffle Jet-Vac's feathers is Spyro, whose cockiness often causes the two of them to butt heads. And as much as Jet-Vac tries to keep a stiff upper-beak, he’ll often accidentally "plop an egg" in the middle of a high-stress situation — battling villains, rescuing bystanders, or getting his students to be quiet during a test — much to his embarrassment.


Jet-Vac can use his vacuum gun to attack with air or other objects stored inside; and over time he has also outfitted it with various sensors and tools. His vac Gun also has magnets in it to suck objects or enemies. Though he is still active as a Skylander, his age has caught up and he is more prone to spacing out and having injuries than the younger members. As of Season 2, it is revealed in It Techs Two that his eggs produces magic that regenerates or shut down other magitek devices.


Throught his life, Jet-Vac never imagined himself as being anything but a Skylander, and had a millitary background like his father. However, constant abuse and high expectations from him caused the Sky Baron to have extremely low self esteem and the tendency to let frustration get the better of him.

Season 1

In Skylanders Unite!, Jet-Vac was first seen lecturing Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor when they arrived late for their final class. When Spyro wasn't concerned about his responsibility in being a Skylander, and displayed a belief that his actions doesn't affect others, Jet-Vac gave the whole class a suprise pop quiz as punishment. When Kaos stole the Book of Skylanders during the Skylander graduation cerimony, Jet-Vac and the other Skylanders were unable to stop him before he used an ice spell on the book and froze them.

In My Way or the Sky Way, Team Spyro were given a mission by Master Eon to unclog the basement pipes of the Academy that threaten to explode. Jet-Vac insisted that he and the team do the "Skylander way" by forming a plan to remove the category eight clog, but was stalling precious time by formulating said plan. Spyro was able to fix the issue by simply blasting fire at the clog in the pipe, incinerating it and saving the Academy. Feeling threatened by Spyro's way of handling the situation, Jet-Vac moved in with him, Stealth Elf and Eruptor in order to sort out the dragon's rebellious behavior.

Jet-Vac scolding Spyro

When the Falling Forest was on fire, Team Spyro was selected to save the area from burning to the ground. However Jet-Vac made the team sit down and read the instruction manuals for their SuperChargers, which took them three hours. By the time they finished reading them, the Skylanders landed in the Falling Forest to find out Snap Shot and Ka-Boom had already put out the fire when Team Spyro didn't arrive on time. In response to Team Spyro's failed mission, Jet-Vac met up with Master Eon and Hugo at Uncle Merle's to talk over what happened. The Sky Baron began thinking of a plan to eat by looking at the food menu when Master Eon took Jet-Vac's food by acting on his impulse and insticnts, something most Skylanders do, including Spyro. Realizing his mistake, Jet-Vac went to find Spyro and apologize to him for being too hard on the dragon.

At the Academy Library, Jet-Vac discovered Spyro reading a book in case he would get berated by the Sky Baron again. Instead, Jet-Vac told Spyro how he used to be just like the young dragon when he was younger, but lost something precious to him that made him change. He then apologized to Spyro for being too hard on him and that he accepts that each Skylander has a different way of handling things effectively. Spyro comically suspected Eon had talked with Jet-Vac on the subject, to which the Sky Baron himself confirmed.

Spyro and Jet-Vac soon noticed a lizard-gizzard mascot had walked into the library with a hypnotized Hugo to force him to open the Relics Room that held the map to the Core of Light. The two Skylanders, unaware of the identity of the mascot, eagerly wanted him to do the Lizard-Gizzard dance to which the mascot angrily refused, revealing his identity as Kaos. When Kaos attempted to escape, Jet-Vac used his impulse to stop the evil sorcerer by tripping him, allowing him and Spyro proceeded to beat Kaos senseless. Afterwards at the Team Spyro Home, Spyro offered Jet-Vac to stay at his home in the attic, even after Pop Fizz, who was living there in secret for some time, emerged from the basement to eat their lunch.

In Missing Links, Jet-Vac and the team were in a long failure streak of the Fire Viper Training Simulation.

Season 2

Season 3



Spyro's cockiness is the only thing that can really ruffle Jet-Vac's feathers, often causing the two of them to butt heads. When Spyro stopped the Academy's basement clogs from exploding using his way instead of the "Skylander Way", Jet-Vac sought out to fix Spyro's attitude to the point of moving in with the young dragon and being strict with him. It wasn't until failing the forest fire mission in the Falling Forest and a pep talk with Master Eon that Jet-Vac realized that every Skylander has their way of handling missions. The Sky Baron son apologized to Spyro for being too hard on him and reconciled with the dragon.


Oddly, Eruptor seems to treat Jet-Vac like a surrogate dad while not visiting his own.


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Jet-Vac next to his father's portrait.

  • Jet-Vac is one of the few characters to have kept his original voice actor from the games.
  • Unlike his ingame counterpart, he does not have his namesake jet pack. Oddly, his vac gun is still capable of firing large gusts of wind, but he has yet to use it for movement purposes.
  • Jet-Vac is mentioned to eat rats and worms, despite the resulting pungent breath. However, his favorite food are birdseed muffins.
  • In the original draft of My Way or the Sky Way, Jet-Vac's precious loss in a moment of recklessness were his teeth, much to Spyro's confusion.[1] This explanation was cut due to time constraints.
  • Jet-Vac mentions his father in a past tense in all instances, indicating he is long deceased.


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