This article is about the enemy Jawbreakers. You may be looking for Tech Trap Master of the same name.
“He bobs, he weaves, but also drops his guard”

Jawbreakers are enemies that are first encountered in Kaos' Kastle, as the villain Brute. They, like the Goliath Drows, can protect themselves with their fists from the front, so is advisable to attack from behind. Jawbreakers have the special ability to launch a mega punch. If the attack fails, it falls to the ground and showing the opportunity to attack. If the attack succeeds, the Jawbreaker will be laughing and showing the opportunity to attack too.


  • Strangely, although they considered large enemies, attacks that don't affect most large enemies (like Wrecking Ball's Enemy Slurp, Fright Rider's A Real Drag and Crusher's Stone beam) do work on Jawbreakers. It is unknown if this is a glitch or it is because Jawbreaker's aren't supposed to be large enemies.
  • A Trap Master shares the same name of this type of enemy.

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