“Aww nuts! The Cyclopses have kidnapped several Mabu townsfolk. Right after they promised not to do that any more! It's up to you to rescue the Mabu from their cages and quick! It won't be long before those Cyclopses get hungry!”

Jailbreak! is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Gill Grunt in Spyro's Adventure. It uses a map similar in design to Leviathan Lagoon and requires six Mabu townsfolk to be freed from their cages in under four minutes and thirty seconds.

Six Mabu are locked in cages, and each one is located on a different island. Each cage requires a key to open it, but the means of obtaining the key for each cage are different: A key may need to be obtained by pushing around turtles, or by braking open a random barrel from a group of barrels corresponding to the cage, or by the use of Bounce Pads, or a combination of these methods. There is a Teleporter on one of the rightmost islands to aid in mobility.



  • One of the keys must be obtained by pushing a turtle next to an elevated wooden platform, on top of which is two barrels. It is possible for the Skylander to wedge him- or herself in between the platform and the turtle in such a way that the Skylander seems to be walking sideways. This has been confirmed to work with only some Skylanders.

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