This article is about the ingame (digital) items. For the toy figure items, see Magic Items.

Items are objects with varying functions, affecting gameplay in various ways and being part of various mechanics and puzzles. In the Skylanders franchise, both digital (ingame) and physical (toy figure) items exist.

List of Items

These items are found in the game and have an immediate effect when picked up.

Name Game Version Effect
Bombs Console Used to blow up rocks, gates, barricades and purple Tzo Crystals.
Treasures Console & Webgame Used to pay for upgrades and other items at stores.
Food Console & 3DS Restores health to the Skylander.
Hats Console & 3DS Customize your Skylander's looks and stats.
Keys Console Unlock gates and other locked structures.
Legendary Treasures Console Grant a large amount of treasure. They can also be used to decorate the current game hub, or grant stat increases.
Lore Tablets Webgame Contain background information on the Skylanders. Are the equivalent of Story Scroll collectibles from the console games.
Mining Picks Console Used to destroy rock formations, and attack enemies for minimal damage.
Minor Treasures Console Grant a medium amount of treasure.
Mystic Seeker Scrolls 3DS Gives the Skylander a 20% damage, speed or health boost.
Oil Can Console Used to oil machines in the Ruins.
Plants Webgame Grant experience and add power to the magic bar, allowing bonuses in minigames.
Soul Gems Console Needed to buy Soul Gem abilities, as well as unlocking a short trailer of the Skylander.
Story Scrolls Console Contain lore information on Skylands and its characters.
Treasure Chests Console & 3DS Contain larger amount of coins or radiance vials.
Winged Sapphires Console Reduces the amount of coins needed for upgrades by a certain percentage. Hidden in several parts of the game, varying from the hub to levels depending on the game.
Victory Points Console, 3DS & Webgame When collected, these items give the Skylanders the experience needed to level up. Refered to as 'XP balls' by characters.
In-Game Items

Console Items
Boingo Nuts - Bombs - Coins - Dragon Wings - Food - Hats - Imaginite Chests - Keys
Legendary Treasures - Luck-O-Tron Wheels - Mining Picks - Minor Treasure - Oil Can - Rockets
Soul Gems - Treasure Chests - Victory Points - Winged Sapphires - Wish Stones
3DS Items
Clocks - Food - Hats - Radiance Crystals - Radiance Chests - Radiance Vials
Skylanders: Universe

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