It Techs Two is the twelfth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


Jet-Vac feels insecure about his role with the Skylanders when Sprocket is brought in and starts taking care of tech-related problems.


While inspecting the area for enemies, Jet-Vac's vac gun apparently mistakes Spyro as an enemy and he dismisses it as an error. Spyro has become upset over his growing certainty of Master Eon withholding secrets from him about his ancestors. After a brief talk, Spyro waves him goodbye as Jet-Vac continues his inspection. His supercharger vehicle suddenly breaks down. Sprocket quickly arrives for repair, though Jet-Vac is annoyed by her superior knowledge about the vehicle and he rudely leaves Sprocket shortly after his vehicle is fixed.

Master Eon has been getting increased reports of technological-related problems. Jet-Vac assures Eon that he alone is capable of resolving the issues. Regardless, he is forced to partner with Sprocket for being widely regarded as a tech expert and to fill in Spyro's sudden absence. They are alerted to an urgent crisis of Cloudcracker Prison's security system. Sprocket spearheads the team much to Jet-Vac's irritation. As they enter the prison, prisoners begin escaping as their cell doors open and close randomly. Sprocket manages to find the source of the system's bug and uses her wrench to repair it. However, she is unable to secure it as her wrench breaks down as well. Jet-Vac is unable to fix it himself as well. A large group of inmates begin to close in on them, Sprocket passes Stealth Elf a cake that Jet-Vac's vac gun spawned and Elf uses it to lure the inmates into a holding cell. Sprocket uses his wrench to finally secure the prisoners.

As they regrouped back to the Academy, the situation worsens as Master Eon informs them of reports that portals throughout the Skylands are malfunctioning as well and that villains have begun using it to cause mayhem randomly,  even the portals to the citadel are at risk. Master Eon tasked the Skylands to secure the portals as he stands guard at the Library as the Relics Room security system is now affected. Unfortunately, all of their superchargers have stopped working. Jet-Vac forcibly insists that Sprocket stay behind to fix their vehicles while the rest of head to the Academy to fix the portals there and use it in order to quickly fix the other portals in the Skylands, despite being Sprocket's idea.

Kaos and Glumshanks are locked and guarded by Wolfgang and Broccoli Guy inside Kaos's own lair. With the castle and Kaossandra's life in danger, Glumshanks has no choice but to entrust Kaos with a secret from Kaossandra. Glumshanks reveals that Kaossandra gave him the incantation for a veiling spell that can unlock the book of Dark Magic at the Meditation Room. To get past their Doom Raider gaurds, Glumshanks puts them to sleep by recalling his experience in Rocket Science.

Meanwhile, the Skylanders are unable to activate the Academy's portals. However, the portals suddenly summon Fisticuffs and Bombshell. Even with Sprocket reinforcing them, they are unable to fight properly due to the widespread virus affecting their devices. Luckily, Spyro finally arrives to intervene and incapacitates the two villains. Instead of warm gratitude, Jet Vac scolds Sprocket for failing to fulfill his order of repairing the Superchargers without even letting Sprocket explain. Frustrated of being lowly treated, Sprocket lashes out on Jet-Vac stating that she is not her subordinate but a Skylander. However, they obliviously step on a broken portal that suddenly transports them to the Citadel.

Jet-Vac finally admits his frustration of his lack of understanding with technology that makes him feel obsolete. He also admits to Sprocket that he feels useless in their situation and that Sprocket would be a better replacement due to her superior tech knowledge. Sprocket assures him that he's not unfit to be the team's leader as her only purpose is to assist them of resolving the issue. She summons the Skylands' control panel and will only be able to full repair it if they find another magic source that can power all of the Skylands' technology. Trouble suddenly ensues, when a portal suddenly sends in an Arkeyan Robot, intent on destroying them and the Core of Light. Sprocket tells Jet-Vac to throw the eggs he laid earlier at the Arkeyan Robot. The thrown egg suddenly burst into a magic explosion that manages to get the portal reactivated, allowing them to return to the Academy.

The Academy is under attacked by malfunctioning mechana-trolls. The Skylanders are barely holding them off, but Jet-Vac's magic eggs prove to lessen their troubles. To keep egg ammunition going, the Skylanders have to constantly make Jet Vac afraid. Jet Vac unleashes a barrage of eggs that bombard scores of mechana-trolls and in the process, is restoring Sprocket's wrench and his vac gun. In one fall swoop of his wrench, Sprocket finishes off the remaining mechana-trolls throughout the Academy. Afterwards, Master Eon congratulates Jet Vac for the magical effect his eggs has that have almost entirely resolved the Skylands' tech crisis. Jet-Vac shares the victory to Sprocket, finally treating her as a worthy adversary as they leave to fix the remaining broken portals together.

Spyro, however, is requested for a private audience with Eon due to his sudden absence earlier. But the dragon lashes out at Eon for lying about his ancestors and about Strykore's identity to him and the Skylanders, and is unable to understand why. Spyro concludes his anger by declaring that he doesn't want to trust a leader would lie to his allies and that he's done being a Skylander. Just as he was leaving, Master Eon finally relents and decides to tell Spyro all he desires to know. They retreat to the Relics Room, where Eon reveals the tail fossil of Spyro's species as he begins his tale. Long ago, Spyro's dragon kind were the powerful guardians of the Core of Light and that Master Eon serve as protector to the dragons. During the Great War, Strykore rose to power, and wielding tremendous dark magic to take control of Spyro's dragon ancestors and turned them into his evil minions, forcing them to try and destroy the Core of Light for his ultimate goal of ruling the Skylands. With no other choice, Eon used all of his powers to send all of the dragons to an unknown realm to protect the Core of Light. Ever since then, he has no knowledge of where they were sent to or if they even survived as the magic he used felt "unfamiliar" to him. Master Eon expresses his deep apologies to Spyro, but he was angry and deeply upset that his own foster parent is responsible for his species's potential extinction and all he did was say sorry. The young dragon ran out of the Relics Room followed by Eon begging him to stay, but Spyro states that he's done with him and will never forgive him, he then flies away from a guilt-ridden Eon.

Kaos manages to get to the Meditation Room and unlocks the book. He tries to find the spell that can regain his powers and free her mother but is interrupted by Strykore's presence. He offers Kaos a chance to wield powerful magic for a conquest of the Skylands. Kaos asks for his identity to which Strykore tells him he his own father, greatly shocking Kaos.

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  • Spyro finally learns from Master Eon what happened to his ancestors, causing him to leave Skylander Academy due to distrust.
  • Kaos meets Strykore for the first time.
  • Because of Spyro's absence, Sprocket becomes part of Team Spyro for a much longer period of time.


  • Jet-Vac, for unknwon reasons, calls the Hot Streak "Delilah", possibly as a nickname.
  • This episode has three instances of the infamous Wilhelm Scream as a running gag.
  • This episodes' title is a reference to the saying "it takes two (to tango)".
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