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The Isle of the Dead is one of the spookiest and deadliest places in Skylands. It is a dark, forbiddng island set in an equally dark, forbidding sea, which surrounded by dark, forbidding mountains. It is said to be the place where bad dreams are born and where monsters roam. Any living creature who set foot on the undead island would instantly turn into one of the Undead. No Skylander has been on the island for 500 years until the events of Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard.


The Skylanders, Cynder, Hex and Zook (who was protected from the dark power of the Isle of the Dead by Master Eon's spell), travelled to the island to answer the plea for help from the island's Night Mayor, Morbo. They discover that a wizard named Hurrikazam is forcing the undead inhabitants to give him pies as tribute or he will bring endless sunlight that will destroy the island's undead crops. Despite the Skylanders' attempts to drive the wizard away, Hurrikazam succeeded in taking the pies as well as the inhabitants carrying them.

Any inhabitants taken by Hurrikazam were discovered to have been drained of their undeadliness through use of a machine called the Undead Energy Extractor. The Skylanders soon realized that Hurrikazam wasn't evil and was being forced into committing evil deeds by Kaos. During the battle between the Skylanders and Kaos' forces, the Undead Energy Extractor is destroyed, and the undead inhabitants were returned to their original selves. Hurrikazam announced he would make amends by bringing stormy weather suitable for the undead environment.

Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard

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