“These islands are beautiful. Too bad they're filled with creeps. Get rid of all [of] them so everyone can enjoy paradise. Oh, and extra credit for taking out the giant Automatons. But you'll need a bomb for those guys.”

Isle of the Automatons is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Eruptor in Spyro's Adventure. It uses a map similar in design to Leviathan Lagoon and requires 75 points to be earned by destroying enemies in under two minutes and thirty seconds.

Each enemy defeated earns the Skylander one point. The exceptions to this rule are the Arkeyan Ultrons, who can only be defeated by bombs and earn the Skylander 15 points. Bombs are scattered throughout the map; if there is a bomb somewhere, an Arkeyan Ultron is not too far from it, and vice versa. Bombs can also be used to defeat normal enemies as well.

The island that the Skylander starts on can be accessed from multiple directions, and there is a puzzle on that same island that involves pushing giant turtles into place to form a bridge back to the beginning of the map. This puzzle doesn't need to be solved if the bridge at the start of the Challenge is explored first.

There are some Teleporters located in several spots to improve mobility. In the case that the Skylander cannot travel over water, these should be used to access areas with many enemies and bombs.


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