Iron Nose is the leader of a group of Gear Trolls who appeared in Champions. He is notable for having attempted to take over the Sky Train before he crosses paths with the Tech Trap Master, Jawbreaker.


In the past, Iron Nose led his army of Gear Trolls to invade the underground machine complex that powered the Sky Train. Like his brethern, he is a major train ethusiast and was set on taking over the Sky Train to use it for his evil purposes. Jawbreaker, who was one of the robots who helped work on the Sky Train, went against his programming and drove off Iron Nose and his group of trolls. 

Iron Nose returned in Champions by stealing the Traptanium spike needed for the Sky Train's railroad tracks in the hopes of selling it for a fortune. He and his minions hijacked the newly opened Sky Train with its passengers still on board, but eventually released the train cars to slow Jawbreaker down. Iron Nose proclaimed that Jawbreaker was only just a machine, but underestimated the Skylander and was ultimately defeated once again.

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