The Instant Hot Streak is the digital counterpart of the Hot Streak, available in Skylanders: SuperChargers along with its signature driver, Instant Spitfire. Unlike the other Instant Vehicles in the iOS version of the game, it can be played on multiple platforms[1]. However, it is incompatible with Co-Op mode.

On consoles, it is unlocked by unplugging the SuperChargers Portal and plugging in any of the Portals of Power from previous games. By pressing X (PS3/PS4), A (Xbox 360/Xbox One) or Y (Wii U), it and Instant Spitfire become playable. On iOS, it is freely available, whereas Instant Dive Bomber and Instant Stealth Stinger must be purchased in order to use.

The Vehicle reappears in Skylanders: Imaginators, though without its signature driver. It is freely available in Racing Mode, along with two new Instant Vehicles; Instant Sea Shadow and Instant Sky Slicer. Unlike in SuperChargers, the Instant Vehicles cannot be modded in this game.

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  • This is the only Instant counterpart to be available in multiple games.
  • This is the only Instant counterpart of a Land vehicle. The other terrains each have two Instant vehicles.


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