In Like Flynn is the fifth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


Eon decides to bring on hotshot pilot Captain Flynn, only to discover he might not live up to the legend.


Master Eon and the Skylanders tackles the threat of Kaos's pirate crew. While the Skylanders firmly believe to be capable enough to thwart Kaos's attacks, Eon nevertheless lends them assistance from a legendary pilot known as Captain Flynn, just as his ship arrives and accidentally damages the Academy.

While "recuperating", Dark Spyro reports his mission's progress to Strykore, where he still can't unlock the Wumpan Puzzle Box that contains the Map to Arkus. Neither Strykore knows how to open it but believes the device can be opened by its creators in the Wumpa Islands. When Strykore learns of Captain Flynn's presence, he orders Dark Spyro to accompany his teammates and pry Captain Flynn for any knowledge on the location of the Wumpa Islands.

Dark Spyro manages to persuade Master Eon and the Skylanders to accompany them in their travels. The evil dragon quickly begins gathering knowledge of the Wumpa Islands by asking Captain Flynn. Flynn reveals the islands do not exist in the Skylands but rather another dimension where details of the route are kept at his log book. Flynn allows him access but clumsily throws the book, where it slides all around the ship's deck due to Flynn's terrible steering. To cure his motion sickness, Pop Fizz drinks a potion to treat it but is actually a bouncing potion that causes him to bounce non-stop and gets thrown off the ship, landing at an unknown island.

When Flynn steers into a dangerous thunderstorm, a lightning strike hits the ship and shuts down the ship's entire mechanism. The ship plunges but Flynn narrowly manages to fix it in time before crashing, while calmly claiming it was just as he planned. Despite the engine being in working order, Flynn realizes that several mechanical parts need to be replaced. Dark Spyro proposes that the Skylanders gather supplies from the island they landed, while he intends to search for the log book that fell somewhere in the island during their plummet.

As the team drops down, they voice their thoughts on how they despise Captain Flynn and their doubts on his credibility. The team proceeds to gather supplies while Dark Spyro splits from the group and makes a grab for the log book, but he is confronted by Fisticuffs, who threatens to cut down all the trees in the jungle until he finds the most indestructible wood for his rebuilding. The Skylanders oppose him and a battle ensues where Fisticuffs proves too difficult. Dark Spyro makes no effort to join the fight as he tries to snatch the log book away from the crossfire, but Fisticuffs drags him in, causing Dark Spyro to drop the book that gets shredded by Fisticuffs. The Skylanders are overwhelmed, Fisticuffs gathers and imprisons them in a portable technological prison.

The Skylanders struggle to find a way out. Captain Flynn proves useless for their rescue when he digs his way inside, but breaks his shovel when trying to dig another escape hole. The Skylanders throws their frustration at him, accusing him of boasting and a false reputation. Flynn admits of trying to falsely paint an epic heroic image of himself, though still retains a bit of his pride. Nevertheless, Flynn claims he has a plan to escape, by challenging Fisticuffs to a duel, where if he wins, the Skylanders are set free, but at the cost of his life. The Skylanders try to dissuade him to do so, even apologizing for their hurtful comments but Flynn refuses. Fisticuffs only offers him a measly pistol as his weapon. When they reach a standoff, Fisticuffs lets him take the first shot knowing that it's harmless. Flynn aims his weapon upwards, seemingly to be a poor marksman. But he actually intended to shoot his ship's anchor, which drops and pins down Fisticuffs causing Flynn to grab the device that deactivates the prison cell. The Skylanders then use it to imprison Fisticuffs by reactivating the prison cell. The Skylanders are amazed of Captain Flynn's elaborate plot and express their apology once again, though Spyro offers little regard, which Stealth Elf notices. The team then realize Pop Fizz's absence.

Pop Fizz wakes up with a tribe of Greebles observing him. They quickly kneel and worship him, where Pop Fizz realizes they see him as a deity, and enjoys his stay as the greebles become his servants and feed him. However, Pop Fizz realizes the greebles intend to fatten him up as a sacrifice to a nearby volcano, but is unable to escape. The Greebles aim their spears at Pop Fizz to forcibly make his way up to the volcano. Fortunately, Flynn and the Skylanders spot him and prepares for rescue. Eruptor drops down in front of the greebles and quickly resolves the situation by giving a show of power that makes him appear as a Volcano god, which the greebles quickly revere. Eruptor grabs Pop Fizz and return to Flynn's ship. The Skylanders apologize for ignoring Pop Fizz's presence all day and promise to put him in a position with full attention, though after a traumatizing experience, Pop Fizz begs for them to reconsider, much to their confusion.

The team make a return to the Academy, where Eon assumes they've faced Kaos. Jet-Vac explains they're still progressing after a brief situation. Captain Flynn requests for a single member of the team to assist him in refueling his ship at Dragon's Peak for an entire day before they can resume their mission on Kaos. Dark Spyro quickly recommends Stealth Elf to which Master Eon and the others approve, despite being confused by Dark Spyro's selection. Once on board, Captain Flynn and Stealth Elf heads off for Dragon's Peak while she watches her teammates waving goodbye.

Dark Spyro bids her farewell as well, secretly relieved to temporarily halt Stealth Elf's suspicions on him from going any further.

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  • The Skylanders meet Flynn.
  • Dark Spyro tricks Stealth Elf into going on a one-day trip with Flynn to Dragon's Peak to keep her from becoming more suspicious about him.


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