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“Oh, I'm not really HERE here. I am merely a figment of your imagination”
    —Imaginary Glumshanks

Imaginary Glumshanks is a version of Glumshanks hallucinated by Kaos in Skylanders: SuperChargers. He tells Kaos that it is his destiny to rule Skylands, but to rule the universe, he would have to destroy Skylands, thus destroying his destiny.


  • Before his boss battle, Kaos mistakes the real Glumshanks for Imaginary Glumshanks.
  • Imaginary Glumshanks may be Kaos' conscience, or the closest thing he has thereto.
  • Another version of Imaginary Glumshanks that looks similar to Evil Glumshanks appears during a part of Evil Kaos' boss fight in SWAP-Force.
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