Ice Ogres are the main enemies in the console versions of the Empire of Ice Adventure Pack. They are green brutes that have one eye above their other eye and appear to be a subspecies of the Cyclopses. They are responsible for turning Haldor's village into a frozen wasteland of eternal winter. In Skylanders: Giants, within the icy wastelands of Glacier Gully is one notable Ice Ogre named Noodles.

The Ice Ogres were mentioned in the backstory of Flare Wolf where they attacked Flare Wolf's community and were defeated by him.

Notable Ice Ogres


  • The Ice Ogres are called Yetis in the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure. They also attack by summoning icicles and smashing the ground.
  • In Giants, the Ice Ogres in Empire Of Ice are replaced with Axecutioners.
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