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Jack, Jackson, Jax and Jackie are collectively a Hydra in the Skylanders Academy television series. Though previously a sentient pet owned by Claire, they are stolen by Kaos and given to Kaossandra.



The Hydra is capable of speech, however, they are not bright and use most of their conversational abilities to mock and insult anyone nearby. They are also unruly and clumsy, though they can be coerced to behave at times.



Claire bought the unruly creature in an attempt to give Gary something responsible to do while unemployed, but as he kept on ignoring it, she ended up being the person to take care of it until she took it to a pet contest.

Season 2

In One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest, the Hydra was stolen by Kaos during the pet contest to be used as a gift for Kaossandra. Though Kaos left with little problem, Golden Queen took the opportunity to ask Claire about the Hydra's pet tracking chip, discovering a way to reach Kaossandra's Castle without being noticed. The following episode has Kaos present the Hydra to Kaossandra but she was more irritated by Kaos' attempts to make amends. The Hydra was then left under Glumshanks' care, much to the troll's annoyance.

In Touch of Evil, Kaossandra rode away on the Hydra from her castle after Strykore was freed and both went to Skylanders Academy to ally themselves with the Skylanders for the upcoming threats of Strykore, Kaos and Malefor.

Season 3

The Hydra was absent, but it was mentioned in Weekend at Eon's to have been taken to the vet to have a foreign body removed from its stomach... specifically a foreign exchange student, who got too close to it.


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  • Unlike their ingame counterpart, their full body can be seen. Despite the difference in size and of the heads, they share the golden neck and spotty blue body.
  • Though their heads still have the colors corresponding to their original elements, it is unknown if they still use elemental magic.
  • Many of the heads have chipped horns, teeth and other small injuries, implying that they put themselves in trouble even while Claire was their caretaker.
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