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Hugo is Master Eon's Mabu assistant in Skylanders Academy. Like his canon counterpart, he is greatly terrified of Sheep. As of Season 2, he has become the (ineffectual) leader of the B Team.



Hugo is Master Eon's assistant, and thus takes his job seriously. He is deathly afraid of the Sheep, who take pleasure in tormenting the Mabu, especially the herd of Skylanders Academy. Towards Team Spyro, however, he is slightly sarcastic and ignores their understandably negative reactions. During his work as a therapist, Hugo puts his reservations aside to keep his patients from losing track of their treatment, though he can barely control his own fear while giving others adivce.

Over the course of Season 2, Hugo's multiple job stress appears to start to take its toll, as he acts increasingly hostile towards Jet-Vac. He also assumes Eon's task of assembling the B Team to be a sign that he understood the Mabu's qualities in leadership, though his teammates only watch as he angers nearby sheep and eventually leave him alone to their mercy.


Despite working at the Academy, he appears to have no magical or physical abilities, and mostly uses the portal pads to do errands. However, he also serves as Skylanders Academy's anger management therapist and attorney; as well as having 30 other degrees from Campus Town's community college, where he teaches at.


Season 1

While on his way to the Library to deliver a package to Master Eon in Skylanders Unite!, Hugo was briefly halted when a sheep Spyro was playing with landed in front of the Mabu. The Sheep intentionally frightened Hugo and feigned innocence when he tried to prove to Spyro and the other cadets how harmful they are, and he fled to another corridor. Later on, he sucessfully deliered the package and advised Spyro to meet up with the headmaster, much to his displeasure because of the dragon's ego.

Two days later, during the Skylander graduation cerimony at the Skylander Games, Hugo was tasked with returning the Book of Skylanders to the Relics Room, but he was startled by Kaos using a sheep costume and fled the arena. When the sorcerer was defeated and the book retrieved thanks to Spyro, the Skylanders discovered Master Eon's less than adequate drawings on the book, but Hugo calmed them by explaining he fixes the pictures afterwards.

In My Way or the Sky Way, he's seen at the episode's cold open interrupting Spyro and Eruptor's argument before fleeing for unknown reasons. Later on, he accompanied Master Eon and Jet-Vac on their meeting at Uncle Merle's over the professor's destructive overplanning, and was left alone with the gizzards they ordered before leaving. Before he can eat it, however, Kaos interrupted him and hypnotized the Mabu with a spinning sign, and attempted to use him to open the Relics Room at the Academy. However, when the sorcerer lost his temper over Spyro and Jet-Vac's demands and ruined his disguise and sign, the spell lost its effects.

Though he only makes a brief appearance to mock Team Spyro during Missing Links, in Dream Girls, he was the first one tormented by Dreamcatcher's dream powers, though the heroes don't pay attention to his increased fear of sheep. When the villain is dispatched, he believed that the end of the nightmares would result in the end of his fear as well, until he was startled and chased away by a nearby sheep once again.

Hugo doing his therapy session with Hex and Skull

In Anger Mismanagement, he is revealed to be a therapist, and the episode's cold open consists of him attempting to give advice to Hex and Skull to cease their discord in the Thinking Spot. However, nearby grazing sheep took an interest to threatening him, and despite his attempts to stay focused and understand the cadets' issues, the sheep changed their tactic to destroying a toy of Hugo's likeness and he was scared away. The next day, because of Eruptor's poor performance in Team Spyro's latest mission, Hugo was assigned to teach the lava monster about controlling his emotions rather than letting his temper decide his actions.

Their appointments had a rocky start, as Hugo tried to test his limits while Eruptor was unwilling to cooperate. However, over the course of the next month, the Skylander tearfully ranted about the reasoning for his unstable emotions, and afterwards he was much more willing to follow Hugo's advice to turn his attention away from things that displeased him. When Eruptor was finally in control of a good mood, Hugo allowed him to visit the Chilli Chomp Competition on the condition that he avoided anything that caused him stress, including the chili. However, when a disguised Kaos tried to tempt him into eating, Hugo took Eruptor away to the Thinking Spot before he had a chance to relapse. Though Hugo congratulated his patient's resistance while eating the chili himself, Eruptor started to wonder if he was changing too much of himself, not noticing Hugo having a violent reaction to the chili and nearly falling off the Academy as he returned to the competition.

Once Eruptor learned to control both his tranqulity and rage to stop Kaos and Chef Pepper Jack's evil plan to blow up the Academy, Hugo had recovered from the indigestion and returned just in time to announce that the lava monster needed no further therapy.

In Pop Rocks, Hugo accompanied Master Eon while he made announcements over the crowd of the Skylands Music Festival, but by bad luck he had eaten most of the tampered food in the event, causing him to throw up multiple times as Eon announced their unsanitary issues.

In Beard Science, a beardless Master Eon tried to have Hugo announce his issue to the rest of the Academy, but due to his lack of influence, the Mabu was busier with errands and didn't pay attention.

In The Skylands Are Falling!, the Mabu tried to convince the Academy crew to escape the evil imbalance's hurricane with survival packs, but because of Master Eon's loyalty, Hugo was inadvertedly forced to stay with them as the apocalypse nearly happens.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Hugo tried to bring Master Eon food and smoothies with darkness immunity shots, but was too late to stop the wizard's worsening condition caused by the Book of Dark Magic's corruption. After the headmaster lost conciousness, Hugo called Team Spyro in his place for them to retrieve a light cure from the Core of Light. Though at first he tried to keep his boss stable, the darkness' influence caused Eon to attack Hugo, and the Mabu was forced to lock him inside the library and keep others from entering the building. Unfortunately, Kaos soon after attacked the Academy, and Hugo was the first to be knocked out by his dark magic.

Being the last person in the Academy free from Wolfgang's hypnosis, Hugo called Jet-Vac via cellphone just as Team Spyro retrieved the healing light, urging them to return before the Academy was overrun. Once the Academy was free of the invading villains and Master Eon was cured, Hugo had the headmaster drink the smoothie he had brought hours before, and the wizard thanked everyone for their assistance.

Season 2

In I Dream of Ninjini, Hugo accompanied Team Spyro to the Falling Forest where later he went into the forest claiming to go to the bathroom. In reality, he was retrieving an unknown relic and after finding it, the Mabu was captured by Berserker who planned on eating Hugo in preparation for his fight with Stealth Elf.


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  • Hugo is the only therapist who takes Hex and Skull's insurance.
  • While in the games Hugo is one of the few Mabu that aren't bald, in the show other furred Mabu have the same fur coloration as Hugo, but his fur is still the thickest and most disheveled.
  • In the games, Hugo has brown eyes, while they are blue in the series.
  • In Anger Mismanagement, it is implied he has a weak stomach, as after consuming only a little of Chef Pepper Jack's chili, he not only got painful indigestion like everyone else, but he also threw up twice.


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