“Steals anything not nailed down.”
    —Enemy description

Hob ‘N’ Yaros are thieving little devils first seen in Leviathan Lagoon. An objective of this level is to collect four statues that will be placed in a shrine; be assured that a Hob ‘N’ Yaro will be waiting near each one, ready to grab it before the Skylanders can. These enemies are sneaky, quick, and difficult to catch, thanks to the rockets on their backs. Often, they will have to be trapped in a particular area before a Skylander can defeat them, by moving large rocks or Turtles to block their path, or by being attacked from afar before they can flee. Hob ‘N’ Yaros will also steal items in other levels that are necessary to progress, such as Keys. They often show up from black portals, and when defeated they disappear into a black hole like burst.

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