High Noon Trigger Happy is a card counterpart of Trigger Happy in Skylanders: Battlecast.

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Evilized HN Trigg

The Evilized version of High Noon Trigger Happy in the "Mirror Match" mission. Note that he has a purple hue unlike the other evil versions of the cereal Skylanders

  • High Noon Trigger Happy's name refers to a cliche in western stories where gun duels were fought around midday, when the sun was at its highest.
    • Its timing and the fact Battlecast has developers related to another Blizzard title, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, might also be a reference to the Overwatch character McCree, whose ultimate attack is preceeded by the catchphrase "it's high noon".
  • His outfit is the same one as the seen in Goldslinger, the second Micro Comic released for Skylanders: SuperChargers, though with a bigger hat and no shoes.
  • On the card, High Noon Trigger Happy has gloves and four fingers. Ingame, he has no gloves and only three fingers.
  • He's the only cereal exclusive Skylander whose evilized counterpart has a purple hue. The rest of the evilized cereal Skylanders (Sonic Boom, Prism Break and Obsidian Hot Head) are exactly the same as their regular counterparts.
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