The Helm of Ultimate Wisdom also known as the Everlasting Thinking Cap, is a magical helmet in Skylanders: Imaginators. Whoever wears this mystical cap will be transported to the last of the Ancients; Brain, where the wearer will be able to ask one question to Brain. However the helm also unleashes a enormous brainstorm after it is worn, causing damaging winds and powerful blasts of lighting being unleashed. It is located in Scholarville where it is guarded by a Sea Monster. Kaos obtains the helm and asks Brain for help creating the ultimate Doomlander, which leads to the creation of the Guacamole Monster. The Brainstorm unleashed by the helm would go on to ravage the coasts of Shellmont Shores.


  • The Helm of Ultimate Wisdom becomes available as an "Ultimate" headgear part for Imaginators after defeating Kaos, along with the Superior Hair.
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