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“Do you really think I can be stopped that easily?!”

Hektore is the main antagonist of the 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.


In gameplay, Hektore is shown to be a dangerous threat, possessing the ability to fire beams of energy from his eyes and mouth. He can also summon spells that conjures dark whirlwinds. Hektore has been shown to create dark versions of regular enemies during the final battle.

Gameplay Tips

Whenever the Skylanders accomplishes a task and gains a Radiance Crystal, Hektore will appear and track them down. To fully escape, they have to reach the portal at the end of the level to escape from Hektore. If the timer is at 30 seconds remaining, Hektore will start firing laser beams at the Skylanders until they regain some time or reach the end of the level. If the time fully runs out, Hektore will one-hit KO Skylanders, resulting in a game over.


The Darkness came to the Radiant Isles one day, bringing Hektore with it. Using the powers of The Darkness, Hektore enslaved the Mystic Seekers and forced them to create the Dark Mirror, using it to shroud the Radiant Isles from the rest of Skylands in order to keep the Seekers' powers for himself. The invader later imprisoned the Mystic Seekers after they forged the Mirror, but discovered that two of them, Fargus and Wendel, had escaped imprisonment to await for the new Portal Master who will help them save the Isles. However, Hektore tracked them down, and Fargus used his power to combat against Hektore's, but was overwhelmed and taken captive. Afterwards, Hektore served as a hostile obstacle in all of the areas of the Radiant Isles, appearing only when the Skylanders have gathered a Radiance Crystal and attempt to stop them from achieving their goals.

At the Dark Mirror, the Skylanders fought against Hektore and his dark minions until they gained Wendel's staff to use as a beacon for the Mystic Seekers to destroy the Dark Mirror. Hektore then chased the Skylanders down through his lair. Once at the Dark Mirror, they activated the beacon, allowing the Seekers use their power into the Shattering Sigil to destroy the Dark Mirror. Enraged, Hektore started to threaten the new Portal Master, but was annihilated shortly after the Dark Mirror's destruction.



  • Hektore takes the role of Kaos as the main antagonist into the 3DS version.
  • He has only a few speaking lines.
  • Hektore might actually be a sentient mask, as during one of the loading screens, Tizwig states that using the Seekers' magic is "using one mask to hide from another."
  • He is the first main antagonist in the series to die at the end of a game.
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