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Hatterson is a Molekin in Skylanders: Giants and Skylanders: Trap Team who makes hats. He is Batterson's brother.


Skylanders: Giants

To find Hatterson, you must put the Dragon Engine ship part to the Dread-Yacht from Flynn's cabin. Then go south and fall off the area with the missing railing. Go through the door and you will find Hatterson, talk to him and he will sell you hats. 

Skylanders: Trap Team

Hatterson takes up shop in the Skylanders Academy, retaining his role in selling hats after Hood Sickle's villain quest is completed.


  • "Double-brimmed gatsby! I'm so glad you found me!"
  • "Have you met my brother, Batterson? He likes to cook pies but me, I'm all about the hats. Like to sell 'em, wear 'em... well, mostly just sell 'em."
  • "So would ya like to buy a hat from me?"
  • "Oh well, come back any time then." - when you say 'no' to Hatterson
  • "Super duper! Let's see what I have fer ya." - when you say 'yes' to Hatterson
  • In Giants, if the holo-projector in Flynn's Cabin is used to view the Dread-Yacht from the outside while the Dragon Engine is equipped, Hatterson can be seen standing and waving from outside his store location.
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