The Hall of Chaos is a mobile location in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. It's Kaos' permanent headquarters after the destruction of Castle Blackthrone, hidden among Rifts to allow him to gather his forces and research magic. Here, he seems powerful enough to tap into his Traptanium abilities that were lost after Skylanders: Trap Team, as well as a slight use of Mind Magic that would only grow more powerful until Skylanders: Imaginators. In later updates, though the location hasn't changed, its new challenge area is the Dark Subjugation.

Encountering the Hall of Chaos(old version)

The Hall can only be encountered after finding stray Rifts in the Shattered Islands, randomly happening after beating Adventures. Normal Hall of Chaos forays also have a chance of opening an Extreme dungeon. The area of the hall opened will have a random Doom Raider's Soul Stones for Normal dungeons, and a Skylander's Soul Stones for Extreme dungeons, with both containing Elemental Cubes.

Though the player can only enter their own dungeons once per discovery but have no daily limit, they can enter a friend's dungeon as well, with a limit of 5 normal dungeons and 3 Extreme dungeons. After their caps are done, they can only be entered using Normal and Extreme Chaos Coins until the next day.

Like Mirage Tower, two teams can be brought in, and no Spectators. Each Dungeon also has an Element with a stat bonus; with Extreme dungeons corresponding to the Skylander's element.

Facing Kaos

The only enemy in the Hall is Kaos himself, fought in three different forms - regular, using his Mind Magic powers; Traptanium Kaos, who can summon Doomsharks and chunks of exploding Traptanium that can swap the targets' attack and defense; and Ultra Traptanium Kaos, who gains a dangerous passive to attack for every critical hit and many abilities that hit several targets at once, all causing a dangerous Corrosion Status Effect that cuts down a Skylander's critical hit rate. Regardless of the attacks, Kaos will always escape at the end of every phase.

The dungeon doesn't grant XP or currency, and grades the player in how far they went into the boss rush (with 500 points if they defeat Ultra Traptanium Kaos in Normal and 1000 in Extreme), giving them a number of Soul Stones and cubes.


  • Kaos and the Dark Doom Raiders are currently the only superbosses in the game, grading you for damage and/or progress rather than beating them specifically.
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