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Gurglefin is a green Gillman in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure who transports the Skylanders using his ship to Oilspill Island, Leviathan Lagoon and Dark Water Cove.


Gurlgefin usually isn't eager to go to areas that are infested with danger, but in spite of that, he is willing to help the Skylanders on their quest to save Skylands, even if the Gillman complains at any opportunity he gets. He is also offended by fish puns, as he seems to have taken a dislike towards Hugo after the Mabu made a fish pun about the captive Gillmen on Oilspill Island.


Skylanders: Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers

Gurglefin was one of the many visitors of the traveling Fantastic Fairy Fair until he became a victim of the Floss-O-Tron 3000's sticky candyfloss. He was eventually freed by the Skylanders, Terrafin, Hot Dog, and Sonic Boom, and later accompanied them through their stay at the fair.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Gurglefin first appeared on the docks of the Ruins, having been locked up behind bars by a Lockmaster Imp after fleeing from his home, Oilspill Island, to look for the Skylanders for help. Gurglefin was soon freed, and took the Skylanders to his home island where the Trolls took over the island and imprisoned the Gillmen living there.

After the Skylanders saved Oilspill Island, Gurglefin built an Oil Donkey (he didn't name it) at the Ruins' docks on behalf his people to provide oil, which was soon needed for the Far Viewer. After that, the Oil Donkey can also be used to oil the Clam-tron 4000, a gate robot, and the train. In Dark Water Cove, Gurglefin wore a large tri-corn pirate hat and followed the Skylander, assisting them in parts of the chapter. He appeared later at the party being held at the end of the game.

Skylanders: Giants

Gurglefin reappeared in Skylanders: Giants in the Troll Home Security water elemental area, where the Skylander can play Skystones with him. If beaten him, he reveals the Legendary Treasure. He was later captured by the Ghost Pirates of the Spectral Dreadnaught and imprisoned below deck.

Return of the Dragon King

Gurglefin, Flynn, and Cali were enroute to the Wilikin Village to deliver toys by ship. When they were ambushed by Captain Frightbeard and his Cyclops crew, the Skylanders hidden onboard defeated them, but not before noticing that Spyro was having trouble with his powers.



When Hugo unintentionally made a fish pun regarding the captive Gillmen on Oilspill Island, Gurglefin has taken a dislike towards the Mabu. Afterwards, Gurglefin has since called Hugo by the name of 'Molebutt'.



  • Gurglefin offhandedly mentions he's hypochondriac if talked to at certain points in Spyro's Adventure.
  • In the entire game of Spyro's Adventure, Gurglefin has only referred to Hugo by his actual name once; when you talk to Gurglefin after tasked with using the Oil Can on the Far Viewer.
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