The Guacamole Monster is a colossal beast in Skylanders: Imaginators made entirely out of guacamole and chips. It is Kaos's "ultimate" Doomlander creation. After acquiring the Everlasting Thinking Cap, Kaos requested Brain to help him create the Ultimate Doomlander. However, while Brain was using his Mind Magic to scan Kaos' mind during the creation process, Kaos had the thought of guacamole, resulting in their creation becoming a Guacamole Monster.

The Skylanders and Jet-Vac engaged the Guacamole Monster at a Salsa Island using the Sky Baron Battleship. There are two types of Guacamole Monsters: the "smaller" ones, resembling giant guacamole-made Golems which are spawned by the giant one, and the bigger one- The big one has a humongous head with a bird-like frill and tortilla chips for teeth. It has multiple arms, and can generate new ones if the others are destroyed, it can also spit a stream of guacamole balls at the Skylanders.



  • The main Guacamole Monster's head resembles Wrecking Ball's.
  • Though the Guacamole Monster is very different of the other Doomlanders (including having no parts related to it in Imaginator creation), Kaos refers to it as the "Ultimate Doomlander Creation".
  • It is the only Doomlander to not be weak to Imaginators, as it is fought using a battleship.

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