The Gryphon Park Observatory, also known as the Rainbow Gryphon Nature Reserve, is an Adventure Pack in Skylanders: Imaginators, available with Air Strike and an Earth Creation Crystal. The legendary Rainbow Gryphons has started laying eggs for the first time again in 50 years, but the Troll poachers are stealing the eggs for their "Evil Zoo of Terrible Conditions".

The Skylanders will have to rescue the eggs from the Trolls and return them to the Gryphons. The telescope at the Observatory will open a path the same direction the telescope is pointing to.


  • Return Eggs to Nests

Areas to Find

  • Observation Island
  • Tower Accommodations
  • Arboretum
  • Observatory
  • Jungle Trail
  • Ancient Tunnel
  • Tunnel Side-Chamber
  • Crumbling Pathway
  • Jungle Brook
  • Ancient Ruins
    • Element: Sensei
  • Jungle Ruins Nesting-Site
  • Underground Ruins
  • Jungle Trail
    • Element: Life
  • Lost Ruins
  • Waterfall Caves
  • Hidden Nook
  • Subterranean Waterfall
  • Secret Ledge
  • Mineral Grottos
  • Cliffside Nests
  • Cave Chute
  • Mountain Trail
  • Rocky Spires
  • Firefly Landing
  • Secret Spire
  • Mountain Den
  • Mountaintop Nests



  • This is the first Adventure Pack since the Empire of Ice to not have a leading antagonist.
  • This is the only level without any enemy introduction.
  • One of the areas in this level is called the "Jungle Brook". This is likely a reference to the Rudyard Kipling novel/Disney film, The Jungle Book.
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