“Welcome racing foodies to Grill-X's Big BBQ! If it's saucy action you're looking for, Grill-X is serving it up - hot and spicy and with a twist. Will you be able to finish the final course without getting burned in order to claim your just desserts?”

Grill-X's Big BBQ is the fifth land race track in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. It is also the final track in the main game and only appears in the Magnificent Tour. As the name implies, the track is held on a giant BBQ that is being worked on by Grill-X, possibly a recreation of Drill-X. There are several oversized portions of meat, including sausages and chops, and parts of the track are covered in boiling hot ketchup. There are also several meat cleavers that can cut the players path off and force them to take another route.

The track is long and features several tight twists and turns designed for drivers and vehicles expert in handling. There are also several obstacles and hazards to avoid - namely the burning hot ketchup and the meat cleavers - meaning that players will need to be alert at all times.

Event Challenges

  • Magnificent Tour
  • Malevolent Tour
    • Mirror Race


  • Unsurprisingly, the music that plays for this track is the Drill-X boss fight theme. This further suggests that Grill-X may in fact be a rebuilt Drill-X, or the same model of robot thereafter.
  • This is the only track in the main game to feature in only one tour.
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