This article is about the characters species in Skylanders Academy. You may be looking for the characters canon to the main storyline.

Greebles are a species of evil, gremlin-like creatures in Skylanders AcademyLike their game counterpart, they hatch from colored eggs, and live for mischief and crime.


  • Normally baby Greebles learn theft, weaponry, and hostage-taking at kindergarten. However, for unknown reasons, the Greeble Jet-Vac raised in Who's Your Daddy? learned the various malicious techniques in a few weeks by tormenting the Skylanders.
  • Unlike their game counterpart, all Greebles are capable of speech, and live on their own in the wilderness rather than managed by an evil minion company.
  • As seen with the Greeble child, their ears appear elf-like at first before curving into their characteristic shape.
Skylanders Academy
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