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This article is about the characters from the games. You may be looking for the characters from the spin-off TV series.

The Greebles are one of the main enemies introduced in Skylanders: Swap Force. No one knows where the Greebles came from, but some say they were hatched from colored eggs. Power hungry wizards and sorcerers can order them by the dozen in the "Minions Monthly" catalog for a relatively affordable fee, that sometimes comes with a free hat.

After being evilized by Kaos upon being brought into his army, their purple Evilized counterparts take over the roles of their normal counterparts. Large mutant Greebles are called Bubba Greebs.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Buzz bought a Greeble Dispenser from the Minions Monthly catalog for the Skylanders to use Greebles as living training dummies at the Skylanders Academy. In the Land Vehicle training area, Greebles drive the Clunker vehicles. In Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, the Greebles replace the Mabu as NPC racers in the Racing Action Pack tracks.

In battle arenas, Greebles occasionally come down from the sky, and are dropped off by green umbrellas.

Battlecast Abilities

Regular purple Greebles appear in Skylanders: Battlecast as the main forces of Pain-Yatta's army. Their signature gear is the Deceiver's Blade, a dagger that increases the Greeble's spell damage, but more importantly draws an extra card whenever they attack.

Deceiver's Blade - Gear Greeble Lunge - Special Ability
Deceiver's Blade - Gearcard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
+10 spell power. When owner attacks, draw a card.

Greeble Lunge - Special Abilitycard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Greeble attacks an enemy.

Notable Greebles



  • A few Greebles, such as Lt. Woalf and the Big Bad Woalf, are capable of speech.
  • Big Bad Woalf is a reference to The Three Little Pigs's main antagonist, the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Though the only purple Greebles faced in the main games are evilized, there appear to be regular purple greebles as the ones that Fist Bump faces in his backstory and the ones fought in the Magic Realm in Skylanders: Battlecast, which lack horns.
  • According to Kaos, the free hat that comes with Minions Monthly Greeble orders is considered lame.[1]
  • Greebles are named after the special effect technique, also known as nunnies, where details are added quickly and cheaply to a model, usually through semi-automated 3D modeling techniques. The actual enemies, however, do not have this amount of detail, automated or otherwise.


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