The Grand Library is the main meeting place in Skylanders Academy in the television series as well as a large storage of books. It also houses Master Eon's secret Relics Room, and the hidden portal to the The Isle of the Citadel.

Though the library houses a variety of valuable tomes about spells and history long forgotten by many, it also has a variety of lighter subjects for the cadets, such as self-help books on how to act like a hero. Like its counterpart in the main games, however, many are up in precarious places and require the help of stairs or special abilities to reach.

This is also where Eon keeps his work desk and office telephone, using it to do research, fill documents or talk with cadets and Skylanders - this includes the evaluation tests to enroll new cadets, as seen in Return to Cynder. However, at times, Hugo will do these tasks there instead.


The Library is the primary place where Eon sends Team Spyro in missions or calls them for various tasks and meetings. However, because of the Relics Room and proximity to the main building, it's the first place to be infiltrated and attacked after the courtyard, with close calls in Skylanders Unite!, Anger Mismanagement, Assault on Skylander Academy.



  • The area is modelled after the area from Skylanders: Trap Team. Like the courtyard, it had no major changes, other than an increase in size to fit a great number of characters. However, the entrance to the library is missing most of its rune etchings, including the one in the pool.
  • The paintings in the second floor have concept art from Skylanders: Swap Force and Skylanders: SuperChargers.
  • Oddly, though all of the library's windows are well lit at night, the library has no visible light sources.
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