“Hello, Skylander friend! Are you ready to achieve physical perfection to rival my own?”

Gorm is the youngest of the HipBros who claims to be the protector of Woodburrow's Power Pod. He fancies his strength, much to the annoyance of his older brother, Tuk.



The twin brothers, Tuk and Gorm, originated from the jungles of Cascade Glade. They opened their first shop together at a young age and their contrasting personalities proved for a booming business. They soon moved to the capital city of Woodburrow and haven't looked back since.[1]

Skylanders: Swap Force

Before the Skylanders' arrival, Gorm wanted to peek inside the Power Pod in Woodburrow, but broke it by accident. The Skylanders soon fixed the Pod, and Gorm showed them how to upgrade their powers using it.


  • "Here is where a Swap Force Skylander can choose to upgrade their top half or bottom half."
  • "Here is where you see what upgrades are available."
  • "As you purchase abilities, new ones will unlock."
  • "Soul Gems must be found in order to unlock those abilities."



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