“Welcome race fans to the Gooey Goo Works, the largest green goo factory in Skylands! I'm told this mysterious sticky substance has 101 mysterious uses. I say, just don't get stuck in it to find out!”

The Gooey Goo Works is the second sea race track in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. As Pandergast indicates in his opening introduction, the track is set in a giant green goo factory that is producing the substance. The track takes clear inspiration from Kaos' Fortress and even has sheep being shipped around the track, mirroring the level it is based on. It is also remarked for being the only sea circuit that does not take place on water, but in the green goo rather. Because the track is a giant factory, there are several moving parts that act as obstacles to the player.

Event Challenges

  • Spectacular Tour
    • Race
    • Stunt Mastery
  • Marvelous Tour
    • Ghost Race
      • Water Vehicle Gate
  • Nefarious Tour
    • Mirror Race
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