“Unstoppable force while in motion.”
    —Game description

Goliath Drows are enemies in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. They are part of the Drow family, and they are some of the largest of them. They attack the Skylanders by charging at them with their two shields, one attached to each arm. While charging, the shields form spikes and glow green, protecting the Goliath Drow from any attack from the front. When a Goliath Drow stops charging, it is highly vulnerable to attacks. A charge immediately stops if the Goliath hits a wall or a Skylander.

The Goliath Drows are also one of the few enemies that return in Skylanders: Giants, with armored variants that must be weakened the same way as regular ones, with additional health. Brock is the largest of the Goliath Drows and a notable character in the series.

Game Data

Health: 108 HP (30 HP) Damage methods:

  • Charge with shields: 57 damage (28 damage)
Italicized text refers to values only present in Heroic Challenges.

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  • The in-game description is a reference to Juggernaut from the X-Men.
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