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“I, alone, lead this gang, and you work for me, now.”
    —Golden Queen, Assault on Skylander Academy

The Golden Queen is one of the main antagonists in the Skylanders Academy series. She is the leader of the Doom Raiders.



The Golden Queen is devious and resourceful, using her beauty and words to her advantage. She will fake interest if it benefits her and betray even old friends to gain more power without hesitating. She appears to worry about her self image, as she is seen exercising at several points of the show. Despite her influence and leadership, the queen is prone to losing her temper when questioned, even when she is fully at fault for the mistake.

Golden Queen's stubbornness also knows few bounds, and she attempts to maintain her powerful image even when she is outclassed by other characters, taking part in petty crimes to pretend she is still the biggest threat to order during Season 2.


This woman’s got the golden touch... literally. Not only is the Golden Queen made of pure gold, but this royal evil-doer can turn anything and anyone into the glittering metal. Friend or foe – get on her bad side and be prepared to end up as the world’s most expensive paperweight. It takes a special kind of monster to be the leader of the Doom Raiders, the Skylands' all-star roster of the baddest baddies, and Golden Queen is more than qualified for the job.


The Golden Queen can transform anyone or anything into gold by either her touch or by blasting gold energy waves; it would also seem that she has very fine control over this power, as seen in Beard Science where she touches Kaos' face and a SkyPhone (among other things) and they do not turn to gold. Additionally, her gold powers have their limits, as revealed in Split Decision anyone whose powers rival, or surpass, her own are outright immune to being transformed into gold. She can also levitate herself and others.



Before Golden Queen's arrest, she was friends with the sorceress Kaossandra, and they fought together before a mysterious falling out.

Season 1

S1E5 Doom Raiders.jpg

The Golden Queen first appeared in the series in the episode The Hole Truth, as an inmate of Cloudcracker Prison alongside her fellow Doom Raiders, Wolfgang, Chompy Mage, Chef Pepper Jack, Broccoli Guy, and later Dreamcatcher, who first joins the Raiders after her reckless insults at Broccoli Guy. After being briefly introduced to Kaos and Glumshanks in their special sector, the sorcerer attempted to woo the Golden Queen in the open air area, and despite his lack of success, the golden statue took note of his easily gained loyalty and began to scheme the gang's escape.

The Queen and her Doom Raiders formulated a plan to trick the new team of Skylanders into sending them to the confinement area of the prison called "The Hole" where they can combine their powers to create a wormhole and escape, while using Kaos as a distraction. In her part, Golden Queen intimidated Spyro, Eruptor, and Stealth Elf into sending her to the confinement, where her fellow villains were sent before her. When Kaos was begged to be sent in as well, he discovered the group ready to create the wormhole and leave without him, and attempted to barter his escape by offering his knowledge about the Core of Light. With a new greedy conviction, the Golden Queen went back on her disinterest, and allowed him to help them.

Upon realizing their mistake, Team Spyro sent themselves to The Hole to stop the Doom Raiders' escape, expertly dodging the villains' onslaught and forcing them to flee before the wormhole could close. Despite their usage of the freezing badges however, the Doom Raiders were trapped on the other side with Kaos stuck halfway, and they kicked the sorcerer out to leave freely.

S1E6 Kaossandra Golden Queen Kaos Glumshanks Dreamcatcher.jpg

In Space Invaders, the gang moved to Kaos' Guest Castle to lay low, but while her underlings were left on the small room, Golden Queen encountered Kaossandra after she heard the commotion and was invited into the main castle. No longer interested in Kaos' scuffle with the rest of the gang, she stayed in the fortress for some time to catch up with conversations with her old "friend" and play card games.

Sometime later, in Beard Science, she took an interest in fur and hair, and took Wolfgang out on a date, inviting Kaos so he would know "what a real man looks like". Her mockery and the day's misfortunes encouraged Kaos to cast a spell to obtain the perfect hair, and overnight, the spell steals Master Eon's beard. The next day, the Golden Queen dropped Wolfgang immediately for the evil sorcerer over his new "hair" cut, and they left for a day and night of leisure in various locations. Returning to his castle, Kaos proposed for her over a table of Glumshanks' finest cuisine, and she gladly accepted to stay forever with the magical beard.

The next day, the three left to a small island for a picnic served willingly by the troll butler, but crossed paths with Master Eon, who left the Academy after being left without purpose. He and Kaos fought over the beard, and once the sorcerer lost it, Golden Queen greedily pushed him and Glumshanks into attacking the headmaster for the magical hair, but the wizard escaped with a spell. With Kaos now missing the beard's influence, Golden Queen went back on her decision to marry him by admitting she only wanted him for the hair, and took Glumshanks elsewhere to have the picnic alone. She appeared briefly in The Skylands Are Falling!, exercising at Soulless Cycle. When the evil energy of Skylands is returned to balance, it passed through her, and she turned the entire room and all on it into gold for the fun of it.

S1E11 Doom Raiders.jpg

After being informed by Chompy Mage about the reappearance of the Book of Dark Magic and its location in Skylanders Academy in Crash Landing, Golden Queen tried to steal it for herself in Assault on Skylander Academy, only to run into the rest of the gang as they also went against their plans to steal it together. When confronted by them, the queen threw a hissy fit, which was noticed by the Skylanders and cadets in the Academy, and they quickly grouped to defeat the Doom Raiders and drive them out of the school.

Fleeing into the Falling Forest, the Doom Raiders were found by Kaossandra, who mocked their ruined plan and suggested to them to work together to retrieve the book. Despite the golden statue's hesitation, the other Doom Raiders got eager over the mysterious sorceress' proposal for them to take the rest of the Academy once they've attacked it, and Golden Queen accepted it. Before leaving, however, she wondered about Kaossandra's showcase of stronger magics, and the other sorceress subtly threatened that the gang should be wary if she had to use them.

Assault on Skylander Academy.jpg

Once they arrived, however, they discovered Kaos has already taken out its defenses after being empowered by the dark book, and Golden Queen ordered Wolfgang to keep the defeated heroes out of the fight by hypnotizing them. With Kaossandra's assistance, they entered the Relics Room, and the queen ordered her underlings to steal the vault's riches as they pleased. However, when Kaos' mother turned to talk to a weakened Master Eon, Golden Queen found the Book of Dark Magic and betrayed her, refusing to hand it over. In an attempt to keep the queen from escaping, Kaossandra ordered Kaos and Glumshanks to get behind her, but Golden Queen coaxed Kaos into joining her by arguing that his mother is keeping him from true power, and he would stay a laughing stock if he didn't join them. He gave into the pressure, forcing Kaossandra to attack all of them with a powerful blast of dark magic so they would escape the school empty-handed.

When Kaos was disowned because of his choice, the Golden Queen found his devotion acceptable, and allowed him to join the Doom Raiders before levitating him out of the building. Back in the Falling Forest, Kaos attempted to find ways to help them, but the golden statue explained that, as a Doom Raider, he only needed to follow her orders and plans; starting with telling them all he knew about the Book of Dark Magic.

Season 2

Before being able to put her devious plans into action, in Spyromania, Chompy Mage's puppet was discovered and arrested, forcing the Doom Raiders to rescue it first as the sorcerer was unable to collect himself without it. Though Kaos attempted to make suggestions, Golden Queen led the Doom Raiders into an agreement without paying him any attention, angering the new recruit. They were successfully able to retrieve Chompy Puppet and were able to escape the Cloudcracker Prison guards thanks to Kaos's powers.

Since her defeat at the hands of Kaossandra, Golden Queen began leading her Doom Raiders and Kaos on a series of mediocre pranks and schemes. When she schemed about prankcalling Skylander Academy, Kaos suggested Golden Queen to also turn the person who answers the phone into gold; that person later revealing to be Hugo.

In Elementary, My Dear Eruptor, Broccoli Guy was forced to reveal to Kaos that Golden Queen was only using Kaos to get the whereabouts of Kaossandra's Castle so that they can get revenge on Kaossandra. At his birthday roast in Split Decision, Kaos confronted Golden Queen and the Doom Raiders, revealing that he knew that she was manipulating him and that he was leaving the Doom Raiders. The Golen Queen attempted to turn Kaos into gold, but discovered her Kaos was now immune to her powers, forcing her and the Doom Raiders to flee.

In Sheep(ball) Dreams, with the help of Dreamcatcher's association with a being named Strykore, the Doom Raiders were able to find Kaossandra's Castle and ambush the sorceress inside, turning Kaossandra into gold and taking over the household, imprisoning Kaos and Glumshanks in the process. Kaos managed to escape imprisonment in Touch of Evil and sought help from Strykore, who bestowed him dark powers to drive out the Doom Raiders from Kaossandra's Castle. Golden Queen was then trapped in a dark orb by Kaos and was hurled through the sky.

Season 3

In Weekend at Eon's, Golden Queen was freed from her orb prison when Kaos' badly driven pirate ship clipped the orb. While trapped inside the orb, it is revealed that she used her time to upgrade her armor to make it nigh indestructible. She began wrecking havoc in a Mabu town turning its inhabitants into gold statues to blow steam after being imprisoned for so long. Team Spyro was called to deal with the enraged villain, but became overpowered. Dark Spyro and Jet-Vac, while trapped in Master Eon's body, conjured the Dissolvolution Spell and used it to break through Golden Queen's armor, defeating her.



The Queen was an old friend of the sorceress, but after their falling out, was ready to betray Kaossandra if it meant any advantage over her. Though she pretended to be happy to see her again in Space Invaders and teamed up to storm the Academy later on, she had no hesitation in stealing the Book of Dark Magic as soon as their partnership was no longer necessary. And, though Kaossandra understandably retaliated, this only made the villainess even more eager to get her revenge.

In Season 2, Golden Queen focused her efforts on discovering Kaossandra's Castle at any cost, and ambushed the sorceress to incapacitate her rather than having a fair fight.


She is aware of his obsession and responds with disgust near other Doom Raiders, but because of his unwavering loyalty to her, she pretends to ignore it to convince him to follow her orders. When he gained new powers and betrayed Kaossandra as well, she decided he was more than what meets the eye, and allowed him to join her gang as long as he stayed submissive. In Season 2 however, he eventually caught onto her manipulation, though she was not as quick to discover that she made a new enemy in him.


Golden Queen goes out on a date with Wolfgang in Beard Science because of her fascination with fur and hair, but after the events of the episode, she appears to be no longer interested in him.


Though the other Doom Raiders advised her to drive the floating head away, Golden Queen was impressed by her audacity in insulting Broccoli Guy before even introducing herself, allowing her to join the team. Despite her young age, Golden Queen does not hold back when she appears to have left the team in Sheep(Ball) Dreams, treating Dreamcatcher like little more than a tool and fighting the Skylanders to get back at her.


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  • The sorceress is one of the few characters in the show with a leitmotif, with sultry jazz notes playing in the background during her major appearances.
  • Golden Queen wears leggings under her skirt and robes, only distinguishable from her skin when her boots are taken off.
  • Though she has her Skylanders: Imaginators appearance's sleeves, in pictures they have their Skylanders: Trap Team design.
  • She has yet to be seen with her staff from the games. Oddly, it is also not shown in her fan art, photos or figurine as seen in Kaos' room.
  • In Season 3, she displays the ability to gild herself further to be protected from harm, an ability not used in the games at that point. Later however, the Cave of Gold was added to Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, where her giant form has a rare chance of being gilded and gaining more health and power.
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