“An all-purpose, high-performance stunt vehicle!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Gold Rusher is Double Dare Trigger Happy's signature vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. The Gold Rusher is an all-purpose, high performance stunt vehicle. Packed with hyper exhaust pipes and leprechaun gold plating, Trigger Happy’s custom ride is the flashiest vehicle in the Supercharger fleet!


Performance Mods

  • Pop & Sparkers
  • Canyon Jump Boosts
  • Show Sparklers
  • Tall Pipe Flares

Specialty Mods

  • Cogwheel Trike
  • Gearwork Kit
  • Coin Cycle
  • Short Fuse Quads

Horn Options

  • Clink Clankers
  • Widget Whir
  • Glided Gizmo
  • Honkamajig

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Character Trailer

Skylanders SuperChargers - Gold Rusher Preview

Skylanders SuperChargers - Gold Rusher Preview


  • Gold Rusher's name is a play on the term "gold rush".
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