The Glitter Glider is Golden Queen's signature Vehicle, unlocked by the Sea Trophy. It is the opponent vehicle during the Boss Pursuit in The Golden Temple, and during the Villain Race on the same track at the end of the Nefarious Tour.


  • The Glitter Glider is the only Earth vehicle to be a different terrain than Land.
  • The Glitter Glider has certain similarities to the Wave Singer.
    • Both are unlocked by the Sea Trophy.
    • Both are driven by female Villains.
    • Both have a continuous boost ability.
  • The Glitter Glider appears to be based on the Khufu Ship, a vessel from Ancient Egypt (also the basis for the Golden Queen's design). This ship and many others of its kind are based on the "solar barge", the mythical representation of the sun deity Ra riding a boat as it travels through the skies with a resurrected king. Though others of its kind were discovered, the Khufu Ship resembles the Glitter Glider in appearance greatly.
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