Glacier Gully is the fifth Chapter in Skylanders: Giants, located in the Frozen Wastelands of Vesh. It is known for some incredible hail storms, and most of the residents know to stay indoors when heavy chunks of hail start raining down.[1] To enter the Secret Vault of Secrets, the Skylanders need an Arkeyan robot of their own, so they follow Ermit's directions to retrieve a robot he abandoned in Glacier Gully sometime ago.

This Chapter introduces the player to laser puzzles. Lasers can be manipulated with crystals (rotated via levers) to melt ice blocks that block the Skylander's way. When a puzzle is solved, the laser in that puzzle deactivates.

Areas to Find

  • Snow Bump
  • Icy Remains
    • Magical Happening
  • Noodles' Cold Plate
  • Crystal Shards
  • Windy Reach
  • Frozen Cactus Shrine
  • Frozen Toe
    • Fiery Thumb
      • Element: Fire
      • Phoenix Rising
  • Chilled Bowl
  • Icy Drain
  • Snow Drift Gate
  • Island of Ice


  • In the Giants Strategy guide, there are errors in regards to the Sunburn Ambush; it says Sunburn is female when he is, in fact, a male.
  • In the early Alpha, Noodles was the boss of the level rather than just a villainous NPC, controlling Machine Ghost's body instead of being swatted away. In the boss battle, the player would have to attack its arms to cause it to short circuit to release Noodles, who then could be damaged freely. After the boss, a similar ending to the final version would play out, where Noodles would get attacked by Machine Ghost while attempting to climb back.[2]
    • The level's theme was also at a higher pitch, originally being a more intense and fast paced theme. This version would later be used for boss battles in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes with new instruments.
  • The key gate after the ice bowls in Chilled Bowl (and the keys used to open that gate) can be skipped entirely by performing a well-placed acrobatic move with Stealth Elf. The slippery momentum stored within the acrobatic move is released when she lands just below the rim of the bowl, allowing Stealth Elf to briefly levitate up the ledge to the final laser puzzle. Once this is achieved, the player must backtrack slightly to just behind the gate to activate the laser.[3]
  • The final laser does not actually need to strike Machine Ghost's body to end the Chapter. If the final crystal is rotated twice, the Chapter ends, even if the laser does not strike the body. This can be observed with two players, while one player rotates the crystal and the other blocks the laser's way.


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