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Gillmen are fish-like, amphibian inhabitants of Skylands. While not appearing in the game, the Gillmen also have a military organization which the most notable Gillman Skylander named Gill Grunt used to be part of.

Gillmen inhabit the watery areas of Skylands. They have a reputation for being reliable and are valuable allies to have. They have the worst singing voices in all of Skylands, but they think this dreadful racking sounds beautiful.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

The Gillmen were held captive by the Trolls, who have also taken over their home, Oilspill Island. One Gillman, Gurglefin, managed to escape and sought out the Skylanders for help in hopes of them freeing his people and island from the Trolls. The Skylanders agreed to help, and went to Oilpsill Island with Gurglefin, freeing the captive Gillmen, ridding the island of the Trolls, and destroying their oil-spewing machinery that were polluting the waters.

Skylanders: Swap Force

The Gillmen lived under the protection of the Ancient Flashfin in Mudwater Hollow of the Cloudbreak Islands, until the Greebles attacked. Once the Greebles were driven off, and the Flashfin was saved from being evilized, the Mudwater Hollow Gillmen returned to their peaceful lives.

Skylanders: Trap Team

A group of Gillmen reside in the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink to escape the Great Germ Outbreak that took place centuries ago. However they are fearful and paranoid of outsiders at the thought that they are unclean and covered in germs. The sewer Gillmen also believed that the Skylanders were a myth until the modern-day Skylanders came to help them stop the mutants from stealing their green goo.

List of known notable Gillmen


  • Despite not being fish, the Gillmen bear a strong resemblance to them.
  • The Gillman Councillor is the only female Gillman seen so far in the series. Despite that, her voice resembles that of a male's.
  • The Gillmen in Skylanders: Swap Force seem to have a hillbilly-like appearance to them.
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