Gigantus is a giant Rock Golem introduced in Skylanders: Giants. In the time of the Giants, he lived under the watchful eye of the Arkeyans. Even though he's admittedly a little thickheaded, he loves to help and knows a lot of ways to make himself useful.[1] Gigantus appeared 10,000 years ago during the Time of the Giants, helping the the Giants learn what they can do, such as picking and throwing boulders, and jumping down to smash through holes.


  • His name is often mistaken as 'Giganticus', which is in the name of one of Wham-Shell's upgrades.
  • He was originally going to be the Life Giant, but he was scrapped in favor of Tree Rex.
  • Gigantus is no longer seen after jumping into the mine shaft, and he only makes a small cameo in Lost Islands; his fate is unknown.


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