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Ghosts are otherwordly spirits in the Skylanders series, usually Undead, living in areas of their prefered element or in villages like the Darklight Crypt. In the latter, they have moved on from eating brains of the living and now enjoy eating only pies. However, Occulous arrived and outlawed Darklight Crypt from having pies and wanted the ghosts to do terrible things to the living. After Occulous was defeated, the Ghosts went back to eating the pies made by the Molekin, Batterson.

Ghosts also make an appearance in Skylanders: Giants. Machine Ghost is one of the main characters who help the Skylanders by operating the body of a blue Arkeyan War Machine, while other ghosts lurk in Elemental Gates.

They make an appearance in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force as the residents of the Party Town. Of many shapes and sizes compared to their previous appearances, they live near Count Moneybone's villa and participate in his parties, with the exception of The Ferryman.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, as well as the villain Masker Mind, ghosts make a small appearance in Eye Scream's villain quest.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, an unnamed white ghost is the Skylander's opponent in Ghost Races, and there are several imprisoned ghosts in the Pandercastle Raceway for unknown purposes. In the console version, a single ghost races Bone Bash Roller Brawl for her SuperCharger Challenge.

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  • Several ghosts seem to have varied voice patterns between them. Gallant and The Ferryman speak in a distorted double voice, Machine Ghost speaks in a robotic monotone, Smoltergeist speaks in a raspy echoing tone, and Spoooky extends certain letters, much like his name.
  • Cali mentioned that ghosts have the ability to scare curses away, and intended to use them to scare away the curse that plagues Monster Marsh.
  • Machine Ghost, Smoltergeist and Bad Juju are the only Ghosts known to be from elements other than Undead.
    • These ghosts appear to need to be in their own element - Machine Ghost malfunctions like his robot and is always connected to its power panel(and was un-revived by Ermit fixing the war machine itself), while Bad Juju instructs Junior to eat lightning to grow strong.
  • According to Toys For Bob, ships can become ghosts too.[1]


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