“Invisible pirate ghosts now fight at your side.”
    —Master Eon

The Ghost Pirate Swords are a toy figure Magic Item that comes with the Pirate Seas Adventure Pack.

When placed on the Portal of Power, the item spawns two floating swords that attack nearby enemies. The swords deal 4 damage per attack and last for about 45 seconds per chapter. The figure can be removed from the portal to save part of the duration for later. When changing or resetting chapters, the swords' duration recharges to full.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, placing the Ghost Pirate Swords on the Portal for the first time will unlock a Legendary Treasure of the same name that can be placed in the hub world. When placed, the Skylander may interact with it once per day; when activated, the two swords have a short spar with each other before destroying themselves to unlock a new Hat. If all Hats have already been found, the swords instead destroy themselves to generate Coins and Minor Treasures that are worth hundreds of gold.

Battle Arena Ghost Swords

The battle arena version of the Ghost Pirate Swords is a power boost that is unlocked when the Pirate Seas Adventure Pack is first placed on the Portal of Power. It can appear in any arena on the console, including the ones that come with the base game.

When picked up, the swords perform much the same as their toy figure counterpart. The swords will follow the Skylander and attack the opponent if they come too close.

3DS Version

To use the swords in the 3DS version, they first have to be added to the game by Wendel in the same way a Skylander would be added. They will then be stored under the R button, which the player can press to activate them. While active, they strengthen every attack your Skylanders perform but each activation costs 10 Radiance.


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