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General Robot is a robot that presumably helped the Skylanders as their strategist. 


General Robot is shown to have a fear of the supernatural and while he acts confident, it is clear that his troops need outside aid in order to accomplish anything. He is the father of Clam-tron 4000, who claims he was a very strict parent when Clam-tron was, "a few quarts of oil younger".


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

After the Eternal Life Source was restored into the Core of Light, General Robot appeared from a nearby hatch and asked the Skylander for aid in the war against Kaos' Troll army. Using a large cannon as a transportation device, he sent them to Troll Warehouse for the Golden Gear, the Goo Factory for the Green Primordial Goo and finally to the Battlefield for the Eternal Tech Source.

Skylanders: Giants

General Robot reappeared in Skylanders: Giants in Fright Rider's Heroic Challenge.



  • Sometimes he will appear sideways on the steel pad he came from.
  • Using Zook's Follage Barrier on General Robot he will sink in the steel pad he came from.


  • On the Wii version, after completing the war-based world, you can go near the metal circle he came out of and use it, General Robot gives you a code to set off some fireworks. This can be done as many times as you want, but he only gives money for the celebration the first time.
  • If General Robot is tapped in Skylanders: Lost Islands, it is revealed that a sheep exists inside of him. This may imply that General Robot is powered by a sheep.
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