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“All Geared Up!”
    —Gearshift's official catchphrase

Gearshift is a robot who is one of the Tech Trap Masters in Skylanders: Trap Team.


Physical Traits

Gearshift is a tall, humanoid robot with white metal plating and golden coils making up her arms, neck, and abdomen. Her shoulders are topped by a small white gear and her hands are connected by a sleeve-like collar. Her head consists of a circular bolt on each side; blue eyes with red, glowing pupils; and the forehead is embedded with the symbol of the Tech element. Her weapon of choice is a wide Traptanium Gear, with four pegs on each side and two handlebars for Gearshift to handle it. Like all Trap Masters, she has their signature symbol, inside the gear attached to her back.


Gearshift's passion and spirit are an inspiration to her teammates. She's also quick on her feet. [1]


Gearshift was created on the Tech island of Metallana by King Mercurus, who considered the young robot to be his own daughter. But rather than performing royal duties, Gearshift preferred to spend her time in the oily depths of the kingdom among its workers, secretly tending to the huge subterranean machines. When her father discovered this, he was furious - but then a squadron of Undead Stormriders suddenly attacked. Learning that these marauders wanted to capture her father, Gearshift used her knowledge of the labyrinth below to hide him. Seizing the emblem of her people - The Great Gear - she used it to fight the Stormriders, inspiring the workers to rise up. Together, they drove the Stormriders out of Metallana and saved the kingdom. For this, Gearshift was made part of the Trap Team, using her new awesome Traptanium-forged gear to help defend Skylands.


Light in the Dark

Gearshift was on patrol in Perilous Pastures when she was attacked and overrun by candy warriors led by Pain-Yatta. She barely managed to escape and reached the Skylanders Academy where Mags was able to repair the badly damaged Gearshift. She soon explained to Master Eon, Spotlight and Blackout about what happened to her. After deducing that Pain-Yatta was behind the candy threat using the powers of the Light and Dark element, Gearshift was eager to put a stop to Pain-Yatta's plan despite not being fully repaired. Under Master Eon's orders, she gathered most of the Trap Masters and Rocky Roll to combat the army of Candy Warriors, successfully saving a group of Mabu but were forced to hold out in an abandoned castle.

Seeing the army of candy soldiers at the castle gates, Gearshift rallied her fellow Skylanders in a battle for Skylands. They were able to hold back the candy forces, but the walls were eventually breached, forcing the Skylanders to retreat deeper into the castle. As the Skylanders were becoming overwhelmed, the candy warriors suddenly dropped to pieces, as the Light and Dark Skylanders defeated Pain-Yatta elsewhere. Gearshift, confused about what happened, happily announced to the Skylanders present that they had won the battle.



These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 300 (max. 600)
  • Speed: 70 (max. 118)
  • Armor: 24 (max. 54)
  • Critical Hit: 40 (max. 90)
  • Elemental Power: 39 (max. 89)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 130
  • Defense: 130
  • Agility: 130
  • Luck: 130


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
The Future of Skylands
Traptanium Gear Mode Toggle
Swing Shift
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to perform a Traptanium Gear attack, depending on which Mode you are in.
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to toggle between Hoop Mode, Dual Mode, and Fragment Mode, with all different attacks.
Price: 4000
Traptanium Gear is more powerful and can switch modes much faster.
Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.
Gear Grind Gear Saw Many Mini-Gears Mini-Gear Distribution
Price: 500
Press Attack 3 to cartwheel forward, damaging anything in your path.
Price: 700
Press Attack 2 to switch modes and release a Gear Saw. Gear Grind into it to make it spin again.
Price: 900
Press Attack 3 to Gear Grind and release a bunch of dangerous Mini-Gears.
Price: 1200
After Mini-Gears are released, press Attack 1 in Hoop Mode to knock Mini-Gears into enemies.
Dual Mode Duelist
View Fragment Mode Freak
Improve attacks in Duel Mode.
Spare Parts Keep 'Em Spinning Geared Up
Price: 1700
In Dual Mode, press Attack 1, Attack 1, Attack 1 to release a Gear Saw.
Price: 2200
In Dual Mode, press Attack 1 to hit a Gear Saw and make it spin longer.
Price: 3000
Gear Saws are larger and occasionally release Mini-Gears.
Fragment Mode Freak
View Dual Mode Duelist
Improve attacks in Fragment Mode.
Enhanced Fragmentation Kick It into High Gear Hardware Overload
Price: 1700
In Fragment Mode, press Attack 1 to fire more fragments more.
Price: 2200
In Fragment Mode, press Attack 1 to also release Mini-Gears.
Price: 3000
In Fragment Mode, repeatedly press Attack 1 to lob out a ton of Mini-Gears.


Gear Grinding (Active)

1 enemy
Inflicts 106% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy and grants the Evasion RATE UP 20% Effect on yourself for 4 turn(s).

Mana cost: 3
Cooldown: 4 seconds


Double-hand Gear Mode (Active)

1 enemy
Inflicts 53% of ATK as damage to 1 enemy 2 time(s), and grants the Accuracy DOWN 10% Effect for 2 turn(s) with a 35% chance each whenever you attack accurately.

Mana cost: 3
Cooldown: 4 seconds


Spare Parts Replenishment (Passive)

After attacking the enemy, removes Parts x1. Additionally, grants the Provoke Effect on yourself for 1 turn(s), and the Evasion RATE UP 10% Effect for 3 turn(s) if you remove the enemy's Parts effect.

Mana cost:


Neural Circuit Evolution (Leader (Passive))

Increases your Evasion Rate by 20% in battle.
Leader Effect
Increases the Evasion Rate of the Tech Element team members by 20% in battle.

Mana cost:

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • Add name of power here. (Primary Attack): TBA
  • Add description here. (Secondary Attack): TBA


  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA
  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA
  • TBA (requires level: TBA): TBA

Trap Attack Preview

Trap Attack: Fill up the Trap Attack gauge by defeating enemies and collecting TRAPTANIUM shards.
Once the gauge is full, press [L] to unleash a devastating attack, unique to each Trap Master!


Battle Cries

  • "All Geared Up!"
  • "Mechanize!"
  • "Make way."
  • "Crank it up!"
  • "Superior in every way"
  • "Seeing double?"
  • "All wired up!"
  • "Gear up for battle"
  • "What a smash!"
  • "That was fun!"
  • "Fear the gear!"
  • "Power rising" - when Traptanium Gear glows
  • "Spinning up!" - when Traptanium Gear glows
  • "Money!" - when opening a treasure chest
  • "Ranking up!" - when leveling up
  • "More power!" - when leveling up
  • "Technically speaking: I am awesome!" - when checking stats
  • "Outstanding numbers, as expected." - when checking stats
  • "This hat is mind blowing, seriously!" - when putting on a hat
  • "A true gear head"

Character Trailers




  • Gearshift's catchphrase, "All Geared Up!", is similar to Spyro's catchphrase, "All Fired Up!" and Wind-Up's, "All Wound Up!"
  • Gearshift bears a slight resemblance to Aya from Green Lantern: The Animated Series.
  • She is the third robot to have an organic voice after Wind-Up and Spy Rise.
  • She, Rocky Roll, Star Strike, and Dr. Krankcase are the only Skylanders with the same number of all their stats.
  • Gearshift's voice actor, Susan Eisenberg, is known for voicing Wonder Woman from the Justice League series.
  • There is also a Clone Trooper with the same name as hers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • She and Sprocket are the only female Skylanders of the Tech element.
    • Of the two, Gearshift is the only non-core female Tech character.


  1. Skylanders Universe: The Complete Collection (2015), page 139

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