“She's into close relationships, shake to escape!”
    —Game description (Spyro's Adventure)
“Shake to avoid a sticky situation”
    —Game description (Giants)

Gargantulas are huge spiders that are commonly found in The Underworld, such as the Crawling Catacombs. These massive spiders shoot a strand of sticky web at Skylanders that get too close. The Gargantulas pull in their prey and strike for a lot of damage unless the Skylander can break free. When defeated, they will produce a small number of Spider Swarmers or Spiderlings, depending on the game. However, they do not produce Spiders in most Heroic Challenges.


  • In the strategy guide for Giants, they are the only enemies with all their stats shown as EXTREME.
  • Unlike other Spiders who have only four legs, Gargantula has six.
  • Because they spawn smaller spiders when defeated, much like real life female spiders carrying their offspring on their backs, one can assume they're all female.
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