Gadfly Glades is a floating island in Skylanders: SuperChargers that is home to an elven girl who is a collector of many rare items. The Skylanders go to the Glades to find the bookworm Pomfrey about information about the Core of Light, only to discover that Pomfrey is held against his will by the Collector. The elf agreed to give Pomfrey to the Skylanders if they beat her to him. Should they lose the challenge, the Skylander will be added to the elf's collection. As part of the challenge, the Collector shrinks the Skylander, Tessa and Flynn down to bug-size and they must navigate through the Collector's garden to reach Pomfrey.

Gadfly Glades is also home to the Twitterpillars and other bugs, who reveal that 234 other "heroes of legends" had tried the Collector's challenge, but failed and became part of her collection.


Chapter 25: A Teensy Problem

  • Get to Pomfrey

Chapter 26: Fungi Funhouse

  • Save the Twitterpillars - Sea Vehicle Dock area

Chapter 27: Waterdrop Way

  • Shut Off the Water - Sky Vehicle Area
  • Rescue Pomfrey

Elemental Zones

Chapter 25: A Teensy Problem

Chapter 26: Fungi Funhouse

Chapter 27: Waterdrop Way

New enemies



  • The 234 heroes of legends are in reference to the total number of Skylanders figures that were released from all games before SuperChargers' release.
    • However, the actual number of Skylanders that were released at the time was 254.
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