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“The Ancient Frosthound? He is at the top of the mountain.”

The Ancient Frosthound is a large, dog-like creature that resides in the Frostfest Mountains, serving as their protector. He is one of the four Ancient Elementals in the Cloudbreak Islands.


Skylanders: Swap Force

The Frosthound resides in the Frostfest Mountains, where the snowstorms have become fierce due to an evil presence. When the Skylanders found the Elemental and cleared the mountains of the harsh blizzards, the Frosthound was suddenly captured by Mesmeralda. Upon her defeat, the dog-like Elemental transported back to the safety of Woodburrow.

The Frosthound eventually joined his fellow Elementals and performed the eruption ceremony that unleashed a wave of magic throughout Skylands.

Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing

The Frosthound appears in the Middle of Snowhere Sea race track, using the icy waters to help take his bath.


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