The Frostfest Mountains is a cold remote area of the Cloudbreak Islands. It is home to Yetis and the Ancient Frosthound.

Each year, the Yetis of the Frostfest Mountains celebrate the eruption of the Mount Cloudbreak by hosting a festival. However no one ever told them that the eruption comes only once every hundred years, but no harm is done since the Yetis wouldn't be able to see it anyways through the never ending blizzard.


Elemental Gates

Areas to Find

  • Typhoon Trail - Earth Element
  • Hooplaberg
    • Filbop's Fete
    • NikNak's Hobnob
    • Brikabrack's Bash
    • Num Num Hall
  • The Glacier Hills
    • Enchanted Bivy - Magic zone
  • The Tempest Maze
    • Fiend Furnace - Fire Element
  • Slushville
    • Gratis Geld Haus
    • Griznak's Gala
    • Howzit's Hootinanny
    • Shorty's Shindig
  • Typhoon Trail - Earth Element
  • IceBreak Atolls - Water Element
    • Gusty Gauntlet - Air Element
  • Perilous Precipice - Undead Element

SWAP Zones

  • Nerves of Ice (Sneak)
  • Glacial Descent (Dig)
  • Frosty Frolicking (Bounce)

New Enemies

Legendary Treasures

  • Yeti Teddy
  • Endless Cocoa Cup

Soul Gems


  • Four Winds Hat
  • Beacon Hat

Story Scroll

  • Party on the Mountains


  • Slushville has a Yeti named Klizzy that collects bears that are wearing hats from Skylands.
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