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The Forest of Fear is one of the most perilous islands in all of Skylands, appearing only in The Machine of Doom. It is the location of the Chattering Key, an Arkeyan artifact that lies in the heart of this forest and is guarded by the stone Wyvern, Fido.

The Forest of Fear also houses colorful, but dangerous fungus called The Fungus Rings of Despair. Anyone who breathes in the powder that these fungi releases will have hallucinations of their worst fears coming to life.


The Skylanders, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Boomer, went to the Forest of Fear with Flynn in search for the Chattering Key Kaos was after to unlock a tomb containing the Machine of Doom. Once there, they navigated through the thick overgrowth using a map to find their way through, but came in contact with the Fungus Rings of Despair. As a result, they fell victim to hallucinations of their worst fears: Gill Grunt being barbecued alive by Trolls, Eruptor stuck in a cold weather environment with his internal fire having gone out, Boomer being trapped in a girl's tea party, and Spyro being unable to do anything but watch Kaos torment Master Eon in chains.

Spyro broke free of his hallucination, and later freed the other Skylanders from their fears by cutting a path through the fungi using his flame breath. The Skylanders continued their way through the Forest of Fear until they found the Chattering Key with the stone Wyvern, Fido, guarding it. Thanks to Spyro's plan, the Skylanders were able to snag the key from Fido and made a quick getaway from the persistent stone Wyvern.

As they were about to leave, the Skylanders discover that Kaos and his troll minions had captured Flynn. The evil Portal Master revealed that he had used the Skylanders to brave the terrors of the Forest of Fear so that he could steal the key from them. Not wanting to endanger Flynn for the sake of their mission, the Skylanders allowed Kaos to take the Chattering Key, and he summoned a tomb that contained Pyramid of Just Rewards, activating one of its pillars that destroyed the advancing stone Wyvern with a beam of light.

To prevent the Skylanders from following him, Kaos kept Flynn hostage as the tyrant and his troll minions entered the pyramid. Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Boomer, with the help of the Chattering Key, ventured inside the pyramid through the other side to stop Kaos from reaching The Machine of Doom.

The Machine of Doom

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