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Food Fight is a Skylander cadet in the Skylanders Academy television series.



Food Fight appears to be the most careless of the Skylander cadets, joining parties and paying little mind to possible threats such as Kaos. Like Trigger Happy, he appears to have "hipster" habits, going to mainstream shows simply to criticize the bands and using obscure culture for the sake of it.


Like his canon counterpart, he has a tomato gun which can fire the fruit at high speeds. However, it is unknown if he has the other abilities his other version possesses.


Season 1

Food Fight was first seen in Skylanders Unite!, on his way to the premature graduation party arranged by Spyro. Though at first he was stopped right outside by Stealth Elf and Eruptor while chasing a sheep, he would later participate in the festivities.

S1E12 Trigger Happy Food Fight Wind Up.jpg

In Pop Rocks, Food Fight and Trigger Happy entered the Skylands Music Festival solely to criticize the bands, and while on the line invited Glumshanks because of his hipster-like disguise. They mostly enjoyed Glumshanks's "deep" statements, but because of the undercover mission Team Spyro was in to stop Wolfgang's plans, they were unaware of the werewolf's intentions and were hypnotized along with the rest of the crowd.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Food Fight was among the Skylanders and cadets that defended the Academy from the Doom Raiders ' ill-fated infiltration, but when he attempted to confront an empowered Kaos with his tomatoes not too long after, he was counterattacked by the sorcerer's dark magic blasts, defeated and hypnotized once again by Wolfgang.

Season 2

In Spyromania, Spyro interrupted Jet-Vac's class and attempted to get all of the cadets include Food Fight to recklessly attack him to help unlock the dragon's superpower. Food Fight was the first cadet to attack by firing his tomatoes at Spyro, but they didn't trigger any superpower effects, prompting Spyro to command the cadets to attack him all at once. Fortunately they were stopped by Master Eon and Spyro was reported to the headmaster's office for his actions.

In Split Decision, Food Fight was one of the Skylander cadets brainwashed by Hex's dark magic when her familiar Skull broke their familiar bond, inadvertently allowing dark forces to take control of Hex.

When Team Spyro and Master Eon were quarantined, Food Fight, Cynder, Hex, Skull, and Roller Brawl were assembled by Hugo in One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest as an experienced Skylander cadet group called the B Team. However, Hugo used his leadership opportunity to "protect" the Skylands from the surrounding sheep, leaving the group confused until they eventually left him to his own devices offscreen.

Food Fight and Bad Breath preparing to attack Spyro in Spyromania

In Belly of the Beast, Food Fight and the other cadets were paired with senior advisors from Team Spyro, with Food Fight pairing up with Stealth Elf. Cy soon came in with urgent news of the villain Fire Viper holding King Pen hostage at Arctic Isle, and Team Spyro and the cadets were tasked with rescuing him. While in the process of discussing the battle plan, the cadets didn't show any interest in Cy, showing hints of disliking him. During the mission fighting Fire Viper, the plan went awry, ending with Team Spyro, Cy, and the cadets being eaten alive by Fire Viper. While Team Spyro went to search for a way out of the serpent's digestive tract, Food Fight and the frustrated cadets began to blame Cy for their predicament, but they were reprimanded for their behavior by Bad Breath.

When Team Spyro returned, the cadets expressed their jealousy of Cy's easy ascension to Skylander status to their senior advisors. Spyro shared his experience of earning his Skylander status, and along with Stealth Elf, encouraged the cadets to give Cy and Bad Breath a chance to prove themselves. After escaping from Fire Viper's stomach, the cadets worked together with Bad Breath and Cy to defeat the villain, apologizing for doubting Cy and finally acknowledging him as an official Skylander.

Season 3

In Weekend at Eon's, Food Fight launching a Tomato at Spyro's sandwich is a part of a chain of events that leads to Eon being knocked out.


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  • Food Fight is one of the few characters to have the same voice actor for the Skylanders Academy television series as they do in the games.
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