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Flynn, also known as Captain Flynn, is a new character in Season 3 of the Skylanders Academy series. Hired by Master Eon, he helps the Skylanders in transportations to places far from their headquarters.



Though Flynn is boisterous and prideful of his abilities and frequently makes tall tales about his exploits, like his canon counterpart, he differs in being much more genuine about using his ego to drive others forward, and helps the Skylanders with genuine interest even when they attempt to push him away. However, this is both a blessing and a curse, as he can get easily frustrated at his teammates and act needlessly aggressive to reach a goal.


If you’re looking for the Skylands’ most honest and humble pilot... look elsewhere. Captain Flynn is the King of the Skies and wants to make sure you know it. With more swagger than ten Mabu, this loud, brash, and cocksure pilot will fly the Skylanders through any storm, any situation, and any danger. The only price of admission aboard his ship, The Dread Yacht: be forced to listen to him describe all his heroic, death-defying tall tales - regardless of whether or not any of it is true. But what difference does that make so long as you enjoy the ride?



Flynn is a legendary pilot known for having a vast knowledge of the skies and being an experienced sailor. In reality, he made up stories of his heroic exploits and the word spread throughout the Skylands. During his travels, he went to the Wumpa Islands in another dimension and wrote about his experience in his log book.

Season 3

In In Like Flynn, Flynn was enlisted by Master Eon to help the Skylanders find Kaos and his pirate crew of Doom Raiders. However during the journey, Flynn recklessly flew through a dangerous thunderstorm, causing the Dread-Yacht to get struck by lightning and leaving the group stranded on a nearby island. When Team Spyro went to the jungle to find parts needed to replace the ship's machinery, they are encountered by the villain Fisticuffs and became imprisoned inside his technological prison.

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Flynn came to their aid, but ended up accidentally locking himself inside Fisticuffs' technological prison with the Skylanders. Irritated, Team Spyro let out their frustrations at Flynn for getting themselves into the situation and accused him of boasting and putting up a false reputation. Flynn admitted to making a fake heroic image of himself with his stories of heroism, and seeking to redeem himself, he challenged Fisticuffs to a duel as part of his plan to help the Skylanders. If Flynn wins, the Skylanders go free, but if Fisticuffs wins, Flynn would face certain death.

Fisticuffs agreed to the duel, giving Flynn a measly pistol as his weapon. When they reached a standoff, Fisticuffs allowed Flynn take the first shot knowing that it's harmless. Flynn aimed his weapon upwards and fired, missing his target entirely, but he actually shot the Dread-Yact's anchor that dropped and pinned down Fisticuffs. With the villain defeated, Flynn freed the Skylanders, who then locked up Fisticuffs in his own prison. Team Spyro praised Flynn for his plan and expressed their apologies, despite the pilot putting their lives at risk in the first place.

The Skylanders and Flynn then noticed Pop Fizz was absent the entire time, and discovered him on an island populated by tribal Greebles who were about to sacrifice the gremlin to their volcano god. With Flynn's help, they were able to rescue Pop Fizz and return to Skylander Academy. The Dread-Yacht was in need of refuel after the adventure and Flynn planned to go to Dragon's Peak to do so. Dark Spyro then cleverly persuaded the Skylanders, Eon and Flynn to have Stealth Elf leave with the Mabu pilot to the Peak, which was really a secret scheme to temporarily get Stealth Elf off Dark Spyro's trail of being Strykore's spy.


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  • Flynn's design is a combination of his Trap Team and Superchargers outfits with various additions, such as a new pattern on his brown shirt, metallic shin and toe guards and knuckle protection on his gloves. The strangest change, however, is that his red scarf was replaced with a red blouse, despite its exact appearance in every game redesign.
    • His proportions were also changed, making him taller than most of the cast, a more prominent chin and longer legs.
  • He is one of the few characters in the TV series to be voiced by his original voice actor from the games (the others being Hex, Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz, Food Fight, Kaos and Snap Shot).
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